Pinball HD Collections hits the app jackpot

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Pinball HD Collections includes many themes

The Pinball HD Collections App brings a classic arcade game out of the arcade and into people’s iPhones and iPads, making pinball possible at any time and any place.

Pinball HD Collections is free and has fifteen different themes for players to choose from, including: wild west, deep sea, the jungle, a winter theme and a classic theme. When you open the app, there is a menu on the left and players select a desired theme and then press the “Play’’ button on the right. The game starts on the right side of the screen when the ball is launched by sliding a finger across the sidebar.

When playing the jungle theme, there are multiple bumpers shaped like tree stumps to hit in order to earn points. Also, a mine track can send the ball along to rack up extra points. And if your ball rolls over the combination lock, you can enter the bank and “rob” money by hitting the bags for points. The variety of themes is one of the best things about this app. It allows players to choose a theme that they particularly enjoy, and also ensures that the player will not get bored easily because each of the fifteen pinball themes are different in design, creating many unique game experiences.

The graphics and design of the game are other components of what makes this app so enjoyable. The detail in the designs is impeccable. Each piece of the pinball board fit in with its specific theme. Additionally, the graphics are in 3D so you feel as though you are looking at an actual pinball game. For example, the Halloween theme has an eerie backdrop of a purple and black sky with a bright full moon giving it that spooky-feeling. And in the ocean theme, the varying shades of blue give it a real, water-like quality.

However, there is one major downfall to this app. While free to download, the different themes—except the Wild West—cost $1.99 each. Multiply that by fourteen and it costs about twenty seven dollars to download them. So although the app is free to download, it actually costs the players a lot of money to enjoy fully.

For anyone who doesn’t want to spend that kind of money on the app, there are many other pinball apps available that are less expensive. For example, there is a game that is only the wild west themed pinball from this app and only costs $0.99. However, these cheaper options don’t offer the variety of Pinball HD Collection.

The theme that the game could do without is the classic arcade theme. Its design is one that has been done many times before and doesn’t have anything new or creative to offer.

Even though Pinball HD Collection is a bit expensive, it is a worthwhile purchase because it offers a wide variety of themes and is picturesque.