“Parking spots…are a problem”

Lagniappe goes out with a pop, according to students and staff

Georgia Caras, News Editor

Lagniappe Potpourri, the sketch-comedy show run by students, for students, never fails to warm the hearts and create conversation. This year was no exception.

Each Lagniappe production has a respective theme that is the central focus for the majority of the skits.

This year’s theme was POP! When the bubble bursts, and it was directed by Seniors Claire David, Albie Smith, and Emma Fitzgerald.

As in past, the show managed to implement hot topics of conversation into funny, quick-witted scenes performed by Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students.

Some of the most renowned scenes included a teacher version of the bachelor, a play on words of the much anticipated senior prank, and even a juul-oriented bit involving the  New Trier News.

From subtle body language motions, to a range in accents taken on by each character, the attention to detail and quick-witted humor the writers and cast of Lagniappe possessed was no secret.

In addition to the satirical sketches that are found in every year of Lagniappe, there was also a Tribute to the late Timothy Estberg, who had been one of the predominant sponsors of the show for the past few years.

Senior Claire David, the show’s lead director said, “Albie Smith, Billy Loveman, Isaac Slomski-Pritz and Josh Bretthauer made it all during tech week. Tech week is the hardest and longest few days of the entire production, so I have immense respect for the profound work they put into the project. I honestly have no idea how they did it.”

Regardless of whether or not an audience member knew Mr. Estberg, the video undoubtedly had a lasting impression on everyone who viewed it. After its showing, there was not a dry eye in the house.

In addition to the amazing sentiment the show illustrated in terms of Mr. Estberg’s legacy, this year proved to be a showcase for some of our school’s funniest and most talented students.

Each Lagniappe show concludes with a cast-wide closing song that incorporates the lasting remarks of what the show wished to emphasize. This year’s final song echoed that although we live in a bubble, each and every one of us has our own perspectives and experiences.

What some seemed to struggle with, however, is the happy resolution the show concluded on the issue of the New Trier bubble, which has struck a good amount of conversation recently, given the immense change that our school has had and will continue to experience, both in architecture and in administration.

When thinking about the bubble as a whole, it is important to focus equally on the positive and negative effects it has on the community it entails. What seemed to be partially omitted from the Lagniappe script was how the bubble might negatively impact students.