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Spring break: first glimpse of independence

Many upper classmen to travel without parents on spring break

Danny Kogan

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This March the annual Spring break pilgrimage will send many juniors and seniors traveling across the continent without parental supervision.

Students are filled with anticipation as they await spring break to begin later this month.

“I am going to California to visit my three siblings that live out there. I can’t wait to be outside in shorts and not be freezing,” said senior John Hauldren.

Florida, Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, California and Mexico are a few of the destinations students will be traveling to. Many seniors are making their break more adventurous by traveling with friends.

“The spring break my family goes on every year is usually the same. We always went to Mexico for the week as a family—and this is really the first year we are doing something different. I am going to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico with my friends and a couple of their parents,” said senior Ben Basson.

Spring break has a reputation of being a raucous event. Culturally, the trip is seen as a right of passage for many students before the beginning of college.

For the past couple of years crimes involving murder, assault, and drugs have led to Spring break becoming publicized as a dangerous week.

“The thought of my kids going somewhere by themselves for spring break scares me,” said New Trier mother, Liz Cherro.

Some students do not mind exposing themselves to the potential threat. “I’m not worried about danger. Life is too short to worry about danger during the short break away from school,” said senior John Hauldren.

“As long as you stay in the resort area and don’t go into the known danger zones you will be fine,” said Basson.

Other students are opting to keep it safe and travel with family. “I am going to Rosemary Beach with my family. I like using spring break as a time to see my family and relax. I cannot wait to hang out by the pool and beach,” said senior Maggie Davis.

Going on vacation with family also allows familial bonds to grow before the start of college. “I’m going to San Diego with my mom. It’s a last minute thing since all the regular places are so pricy,” said senior Jake Collyer.

New Trier Jazz One is participating in three concerts in New York City during the break. “I can’t wait for the trip, it’s going to be incredible,” said Jazz One member Brendan Gloyd.

However, vacationing with family members and adults does not eliminate danger.

“I’m skiing, and will for sure get another concussion, which will undoubtedly put me farther down the path towards Alzheimer’s,” joked sophomore Macy Nanda.

Spring break has the ability to bring friends together, but it can also drive long-term friends apart. Part of spring break is spending a week with best friends in a cramped hotel room, which can become uncomfortable.

“I’ve spent weeks on vacation with friends before and the ones I had good friendships with were super fun, but the ones where it was a less stable friendship did kind of drive us apart, but it was bound to happen anyway,” said junior Liv Rocklin.

Spring Break can also be a refreshing vacation from the chaotic life of New Trier.

“Personally, I think it is a good time to take a break from the people you see every day, and to get away from all the daily stress,” said Collyer.

Parents need not worry, the vast majority of students going on trips without adult supervision have learned how to be mature. Being independent for one week is an important stepping stone for college, when students will be without their parents for months.

Cherro posits that parents let their children go on Spring break because they realize that they will soon leave the North Shore bubble and be exposed to the real world.

“I guess at some point you just have to know that you did a good enough job raising them, and trust them to make good decisions,” said Cherro.

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Spring break: first glimpse of independence