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Green Team more inclusive than ever

Following an exclusive history, Green Team strives to unify students

Robert Pettas

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In 2004, New Trier’s student section was given the moniker “greeNTeam.” The name was the brainchild of the (then assistant) football coach Brian Doll (himself a 1995 New Trier Alum).

“I wanted to come up with an identity to the student section in an effort to unify students and bring them out to games,” said Doll.

Although at that point, Green Team was a far cry from the Green Team of today. Green Team started with 1000 t-shirts donated by the booster club, and were passed out to the student body regardless of class.

After Doll left New Trier, Green Team did not have an official affiliation with the school, and it became a senior-run, selective group.

Green Team was a group that was more concerned with social status  than actually supporting New Trier athletics.

Upon Doll’s return in 2014 as head football coach, he wanted to make Green Team more inclusive. That is when Matt Kenyon, a 2014 Green Team captain, had the idea of a senior sweatshirt. This way, all seniors could show their support, and take part in Green Team if they wished.

This year, nearly 800 seniors ordered Green Team sweatshirts, a long way away from the small selective group that Green Team once was.

While Green Team is as inclusive as ever, its captains are still working to include more students.

2017 senior captain Kevin Donahue said, “It’s important for us to reach all classes to get more people at games. Also, we want to leave a legacy for having younger students going to games, and supporting their classmates and their school.”

Doll and the captains have a few ideas in mind to improve student attendance and general attendance in upcoming years.

They have designed Green Team t-shirts specialized for freshman, sophomore, and junior classes.

Another potential modification for next year is the addition of a school-wide pep rally.

“I think a pep rally would really improve school spirit, but, obviously there is a lot of organization that goes into an event like that,” said Doll.

Captains have also worked to recruit female Green Team captains. Next year marks the first year that girls are considered for this position.

Doll believes that recruiting a female leader would do positive things in the way of attendance.

“There are a ton of students interested in girls games, and the girl captains will help promote those games and get more people coming out to those games,” said Doll.

The Green Team captains for the Class of 2018 include Caroline Iserloth, Gabe Herman, Sophie McGinnis, Abby Schinderle, Courtney Kaskey, Peter Lifrendahl, Mac Lamasan, and Luke Lato.

Among next year’s captains is Abby Schinderle, “I think [that girls are now included as Green Team captains] is awesome, I know a lot of people have been upset in the past that there’s only been guys so it’s great that they’re finally deciding to change it. Our goals for next year are to make Green Team bigger than ever before. The way we run it is changing, and a lot more people will be included.”

Another goal for Green Team is to get student support at a variety of sporting events, not just the traditionally well-attended events such as football, hockey, and basketball.

The way Green Team is addressing this issue is by selecting captains that play a variety of sports, and creating a Facebook group that is free for any senior to post and promote their event.

“I believe New Trier has the best athletics in the state of Illinois,” said Doll. “I also think New Trier is capable of having the best student support as well. I want New Trier athletics to have the reputation of being the best on the field and in the stands.”

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Green Team more inclusive than ever