Kinesis supports RAINN in annual car wash

Dance company raises $1,353 and awareness for sexual assault prevention



This year marks the 18th annual car wash, a Kinesis tradition

On Saturday Sep. 29, Kinesis held their 18th annual car wash to support RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Networks.

  In light of the increasing attention of the Me Too movement as well as the recent controversial charges against Associate Justice for Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh, Kinesis’ selection of RAINN is particularly relevant.

“Each year we pick a cause that hits close to home with members on the company,” explained senior Victoria Werth.

RAINN, is the most prominent sexual assault organization in the U.S.

The Kinesis fundraising committee came up with four finalists, including Childhood Cancer, Foundation for Blindness, and National Suicide Prevention, before choosing RAINN.

Senior Miriam Rovin explained that when they proposed RAINN, the group unanimously voted to make the organization their cause for the wash.

  “We all thought that RAINN would be a really important cause to support as young women, especially with all of the current events regarding the cause right now. RAINN works with sexual assault education, prevention, and helps support survivors,” said senior Abby Wilson.

  Rovin shared a similar opinion, stating that, “As a group of young women, it’s important that we’re aware of this issue and support it.”

With cars lining up one after another, the dance company was kept  busy, raising a total of $1,353 in just three hours.

Not only did they raise money for RAINN, but they also raised awareness for the association. As each customer  waited for their car to be washed, the dancers explained the cause that they were fundraising for.

  After the wash, the proceeds that Kinesis receives are split in two. One half of the donations benefits a charity, while the other covers costs for costumes for their end-of-year performance.

  “I love seeing all the girls come together for a cause they believe in, bonding together and working as a team,” said Kinesis director Johannah Wininsky. “We supervise, but they do the work.”

“My favorite part about the car wash was probably advertising. It was really fun to get random people to come and show off the signs that we made,” said junior Hannah Bender.

Bender said that the wash was a great way to bond with the other girls in the company, with which Wilson agreed.

“For me, the best part of the wash was working together with the company to do something for a really good cause,” stated Wilson.