“Bird Box” goes viral despite controversy

Netflix thriller has been viewed by 45 million people

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“Bird Box” goes viral despite controversy




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If you haven’t seen Bird Box, you’ve heard of it. The movie came out Nov. 12, 2018, and since then, people have been hyping it up.

The movie tells a story of an ambiguous but terrifying force that decimates the population by tempting you to look at it. But if you look at it, you’ll be compelled to commit suicide.

The main protagonist, Malorie, is a pregnant young artist who is forced to live her life in the darkness with two kids and a stranger named Tom. Despite showing carelessness and negligence towards the health of herself and her child, she comes out of this hectic epidemic learning the importance of family.

There has been subsequent discussion about the movie and students have shared many different views. Junior, McKenna Fox said she thought the movie was really interesting.

Junior Zoe Ray said, “I think that it was over hyped. I only watched it because I saw it all over Instagram but I don’t think it lived up to the high expectations”.

Julia Zwolinsky believes students were attracted to Bird Box because of a similar thrill of suspense seen in 2018’s “A Quiet Place.”

Many students also shared some opposing feelings towards the movie and plot.
Senior Bennett Blake though it was a unique concept for a movie, however, Blake believes the film doesn’t deserve a second watch.

“It’s interesting that Netflix is willing to experiment with controversial subjects. I would recommend it to others because I think it is important to pop culture,” said Blake. A big part of the controversy is also in the persuasiveness of suicide. The basis of this movie is largely something upon suicide. If people don’t wear their blindfold and if they see that creature, they want to kill themselves.

Many students realize this aspect of the movie and don’t recommend it to everyone.
“I could see how it would be a sensitive subject and I would not recommend this to every person.”

Similarly, Fox said, “The movie was different because of the suicide aspect, I feel like that’s something still very controversial”.

On the other hand, the movie even inspired their audience to do the Bird Box challenge. The Bird Box challenge is a challenge in which people try to reenact the movie in real life and record themselves.

“I liked the movie, but personally I understandwhy it could be controversial because it made people want to do this dangerous challenge,” said Sophomore, Sophia Canchola.

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