Jonas Brothers return in Sucker

Band’s new single tops Billboard chart after six year hiatus

As the old Disney shows have been replaced with new ones, the Jonas Brothers faded away with them. Until now. The recent, monumental announcement of their reunion however, has answered the prayers of early 2000s fans.
The group was formed in 2005 and shot to fame during their time on Disney Channel and went on to release four albums, selling 17 million copies worldwide.

After almost six years apart, the three brothers, Nick, Joe, and Kevin, have reclaimed the hearts of their old fan base. Their new single, “Sucker,” has already made headway to No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100.

In the peak era of early 2000s Disney, the boy band’s popularity skyrocketed after the release of “Camp Rock.” From there, their fan base grew exponentially. “I watched them in ‘Camp Rock.’ My favorite was Joe, because I thought he was the coolest and that his hair was cool,” junior Virginia Duda recalls.

Junior Sydney Gaines-Wheeler said she watched the Jonas Brothers growing up. “I had the biggest crush on Joe as a kid and I would watch all of the ‘Camp Rock’ movies on Disney channel.”

She remembered how her friends and her would fight over who could have which brother, and how she always chose Joe. “When I was really young I would play their self-titled album and ‘A Little Bit Longer’ all the time.”

Moments of nostalgia resonate with the majority of the audience who grew up watching them and are now experiencing their comeback.

“I remember waiting past my bedtime to watch ‘Camp Rock’ because I was so excited to see it and to see them in it,” said Gaines-Wheeler.

Others, like junior Alexander Dillon, had a different experience. “They were on Disney Channel, but I thought they were pretty stupid and never really got into their music.”

On the other hand, super-fans like Duda rejoiced after hearing about the reunion. “When I heard about the reunion I think I screamed. I had no idea it was happening.”

Senior Lauren Russell agreed, “Nick and Kevin were my faves.”

Dillon jokingly commented, “I don’t think a lot of guys liked them. I’m surprised none of them got fat.”

Russell, like other fans, lost touch with the Jonas Brothers and their music after their breakup in October 2013.

“I didn’t see it coming,” she said. “I haven’t really paid attention to them for a couple of years so I had no idea that anything was going to happen. But I like their new song, and I put it on my Spotify playlist.”

Gaines-Wheeler also didn’t see the reunion coming. “I was super excited to have them come back because it brought back so many memories and felt really nostalgic for me. I actually really like their new song, more than I thought I would.”

Regardless of their long hiatus, the Jonas Brothers have already made a lasting impression on fans.

“‘Sucker’ is my favorite song and I’ve loved it since it came out. It’s no surprise to me that it’s #1, because I think it is the best song at the moment,” said Duda.

The band first teased their reunion by reviving the band account on both Twitter and Instagram and releasing a sneak peek of their new song from their Carpool Karaoke session on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” also announcing a week-long takeover on the late night talk show.

Clearly, the Jonas Brothers are back and they’re better than ever–still using their charming dynamic to send fans into nostalgic meltdowns.