Spring break season means sun and college for NT

Many students opt for exotic vacations or school visits

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Tan lines, beach waves, and sunshine are the three essential elements to the perfect spring break getaway, and for many students, spring break is a sweet release from the stress and worries of high school.

According to Travel Daily News, Orlando, Miami, and Cancun were named as the most popular destinations booked for spring break in 2019. Many seniors this year have planned trips to these destinations, going with friends instead of family which gives an added sense of independence on these getaways.

Sophomores have also decided to take independent trips. While the minimum age for a person traveling without parental consent is 17, students under this requirement still take trips to exotic locations with their friends.

“I’m going to Aruba with my friend Emily, it’s going to be an independent sort of experience. I think it’s one thing to go downtown to the city with your friends, and another to fly somewhere internationally with them, which I’m really excited to do,” said sophomore Olivia Picard.

Sophomore Ashley Erickson is going to Boca Grande, Florida.

“I’m really excited because I’m going alone and meeting up with my cousin. I love flying by myself and I think it’s a really liberating experience,” said Erickson.

While spring break vacations are typically filled with relaxation sessions by the beach and time away from all school-related things, some student vacations have a different motive.

Junior Stella Lefkofsky said, “I’m going to visit USC and UC-Santa Barbara in California. It’s going to be super duper fun.”

Some students took the opportunity to make a road trip out of their spring break.

Junior Anna Cuthbertson took advantage of the week off by heading out East for college visits.

“I’m driving to Washington, D.C. with my family to visit schools like American University, George Washington University, and University of Maryland,” said Cuthbertson.

The harsh and cold weather of Chicago is another deterring factor for students to stay in the Midwest over the break. Miami, Maui, Orlando, and Cancun, all popular spring break destinations listed for 2019, have forecasted sunny and warm weather for the upcoming break, while Chicago is forecasted to be in the upper 40s, with rain.

“I’m going to Maui, Hawaii for the break, hoping to catch a break from the dreadfully cold weather we’ve been experiencing these past few weeks,” said sophomore Emma Taylor.

Senior Maggie Graves gave similar reasons for leaving Chicago during this coming break.

“My family and I are going to Kiawah Island in South Carolina, I can’t wait to get away from the gross weather and go somewhere nice and sunny, two things I haven’t attributed to the weather we’ve been experiencing lately,” said Graves.

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