Mr. Horne inspires, educates through viral Youtube health raps

Horne’s Youtube has over 1,400 subscribers, with his most-watched video having over 100,000 views


Over the past few years, health teacher Andy Horne has created a YouTube channel that not only caters to the students at New Trier, but to communities and schools beyond New Trier.

Horne began his youtube channel 6 years ago. His first video was the muscle rap and was very helpful in the classroom.

“I decided to take a risk in health class and write a rap. It was the muscle rap. Students weren’t really learning their muscles and I did the song, made it in iMovie and garageband”, explained Horne.

Horne also wanted to bring his rap to other students and teachers in different communities.

“I said ‘I should share this with other people like health teachers to share with their students.’ So then I thought ‘Why don’t I just throw it on youtube,’” said Horne.

When Horne began his youtube channel, he never realized it would become what it is today.

Horne explained, “It’s something that has taken a life of its own, something I never anticipated.”

Horne built his youtube channel over his successful response from students. The students in his class love his raps and Horne even performs them in his classroom.

“The students’ reactions to it, their response was very positive and it gave me more motivation and energy to try new songs and do something”, said Horne.

Some of Hornes students even knew him before they walked into class because they had watched videos on channel.

Horne explains, “Now there are students coming into my class on occasion that know about the channel or that have seen a song or two”.

Not only do students know of Horne before they are in his class, but many people in the community know of Horne’s channel and the impact he is making with his raps.

“What’s neat is that you get parents or community members who have seen some of your work. To have some of the things you are doing in your classroom, literally become alive outside of the four walls of the classroom has been really cool to see”, said Horne.

Many schools and universities have reached out to Horne and asked to use his youtube channel for lesson plans.

“The state of Colorado, and the American college of sports medicine reached out to use it as a statewide campaign to promote brain exercise for K-5 schools,” explained Horne.

Horne’s popularity even extends beyond New Trier.

“I have had someone reach out about using the hand wash rap in indeginous countries that they are promoting hygiene and handwashing in” explained Horne.

Horne’s raps have caught the attention of Harvard psychologist John Ratey, specifically the Brain and Exercise rap based off Ratey’s book.

“I ended up reaching out to him on social media and he got back to me saying he loved it. And so he uses it every time he presents topics and the song is featured on his website,” said Horne.