Advanced health class for upperclassmen

New class gives juniors and seniors chance to explore various health topics

After completing the sophomore health class that is required for all students, many kids decide to take advanced health which goes into more depth about the physical, emotional, and well-being of people.

This class gives students more information about different health topics, and is usually only taken by those who have a real interest in a variety of health issues.

“It’s definitely more in depth and students have to have more interest in it to take it. But it’s more strenuous than a regular health class,” said senior KW leader Brian Joseph.

Joseph decided to take on this class because his teachers recommended it to him after he took the KW leaders class as a junior.

“I took it mainly because of my leadership skills and interest in topics like psychology and well being and fitness and all those things,” said Joseph.

Although this particular health class goes more in depth about health, it seems to be a more relaxed, rather than a tougher one.

“It is definitely not any harder than a regular health class. In fact, I would say it’s much easier because it’s a lot more laid back and you can take it in any direction you want to. It’s a good fit for me,” said Chloe Karabas, senior.

This particular class allows students to explore their own interests in the subject of health. It also allows them to find their health interests in an informal way.

“I think the purpose of the class is to provide students with opportunities for a more self-driven curriculum where they can explore topics that they’re truly interested in,” said Karabas.
“It’s a great class for anyone who is considering a health related career or just wants to learn more about wellness.”

Many of the students who take this advanced health class are interested in a career in health, whether it be nursing or medicine.

“I decided to take the class because I’m really interested in exploring different health topics, and as I’m getting ready to go to college, I am considering a career in nursing, so it’s a really great option for me,” said Karabas.

Many of the days, the advanced health classes will take a walk to the beach, or do some workouts in the fieldhouse as a way to experience physical well-being. It is also teaches students how to relieve stress.

“On Wednesdays we have to change for gym and we do fitness activities mostly in the fieldhouse. We also go on walks to the beach. And then we also have mini projects every single day that we’ll work on,” said senior Kate Sheldon.

The teachers of the class seem to be very into the class as well, and really encourage the students to learn more about their mental health and their own personal well-being.

“They [the teachers] really want you to get to know yourself more and just understand your mental health and well-being. We talk a lot about our future and just our interests and stuff like that which is nice,” said Sheldon.

This class is just for juniors and seniors who are interested in the topic of health. Some students choose to take this class because they don’t have to change for KW, however since there are only two advanced health classes being offered, you would possibly take the class with your friends if they are interested as well.

“I think it is really fun. I would recommend it to juniors and seniors for taking it. I think there are only two classes so you can do it with your friends,” said Sheldon.