Student Council Corner


As part of our commitment to transparency with the student body, Student Council is excited to be working with the New Trier News to bring you the Student Council column. This will update you on our progress this year, and how we have been working diligently on behalf of you.

Our Accomplishments:

– Reducing the cafeteria lines
– Grilled cheese now available at the Pizza Station
– Two lines at the Sandwich Station (for custom and pre-made orders) – Helping to set up Homecoming, Spirit Week, the Pep Rally, and

Spooky Scrounge
– Adding food items to the cafeteria (Arnold Palmer)
– Creating a flower mural display with Spanish Club
– Collaborating with Environmental Club to make New Trier more

– Decorating for the holiday season around the school
– Selling Candy Grams to adviseries
– Holding monthly meetings with our sophomore and junior


In The Works:

– Adding more to-go options in the cafeteria
– Filming a video which will encourage students to clean up after

– Increasing awareness about mental health resources at school

Want to Make Your Voice Heard?

– Submit a suggestion slip at one of our suggestion boxes!
– Join our monthly focus group called the Advisery Constituent

Board, where you can talk directly with us during advisery! (See Student Activities Office for Details)