Student Council Corner: 1/17/2020

“What has Student Council done for me?” It’s a common question, and in this second issue of the Student Council Corner, we are going to update you on what we have been doing on behalf of you.

Here’s what we’ve been working on:

– Improving the school culture by beautifying New Trier (artwork, spirit banners, and more)
– Adding your favorite food and beverages to the menu – Advocating for improvements to the fieldhouse
– Filming a video to recognize the incredible work of Physical Plant Services while encouraging students to clean up after themselves

Want to get involved? Want your voice to be heard?

– Join the monthly Advisery Constituent Board (ACB). – A once a month meeting during advisery with Student Council, and a rewarding leadership opportunity. See the Student Activities Office in the Scrounge for more details and to become an ACB member.
– Submit a suggestion to us at one of our five suggestion boxes!
– Type in “New Trier Student Council” on Google, and submit an online suggestion to our website!

“Striving to advocate on behalf of all student voices to enhance the New Trier experience.”