New leaders for Girls Club, Tri-ship discuss future

Every election season, new candidates are elected to the officer positions of Girls Club, Tri-ship, and Student Council. We talked with the new presidents of Girls Club and Tri-ship, Liv Nickel, and Matt Booden. 

Booden wants to collaborate more externally, citing the successful annual canned food drive, and wanting to bring that success to other clubs.

“My goal is to work closer with Student Council and Girls Club on various different projects. I know we [Tri-ship] had lots of success this year with the annual canned food drive, and I want to help Student Council and Girls Club with some of theirs.”

It looks like the pieces are already in place for this to happen, as Booden is good friends and in the same advisory as Student Council president-elect Kenny Dolan.

“The new president of Student Council, Kenny Dolan is in my advisory, and after the election, we found a lot of strong areas to collaborate in.” 

Other members such as Junior Daniel Solat appears unified with Booden, stating that collaborating on canned food drive it’s something he wants to accomplish with the new administration next year.

“I am excited to help increase numbers in the canned food drive by working with Girls Club in order to reach our goals.”

Booden also looks to the future in terms of creating new projects while preserving the old ones. 

“I want to maintain all of the great things that Tri-ship is known for in the past, all our renowned projects while also trying and experimenting with some new things for next year chairs, more charitable events and a strong fourth-quarter project at the end of next year.”

Sophomore Michael Magner explained how Booden’s drive to succeed has started before his inauguration.

“You know he’s coming in hungry. He wants to increase numbers everywhere, tree sales canned food drive. He wants to get things going quick and improve our numbers from last year.”

As the new president of Girls Club, Nickel is excited to work with other clubs to put all of their unique ideas to work.

“We have people from all these different clubs and different backgrounds working together, we can achieve so much more.”

Nickel stressed the idea of collaboration for her administration within Girls Club to work on charitable projects throughout the school year. 

“I want to try to make Girls Club a more collaborative environment to come up with new ideas for fundraisers. I believe we can raise a lot more money next year if we do this.

Sophomore Colleen Charka concurred and was eager to get the ball rolling next year.

“I am looking forward to some of her [Nickel] new ideas. We haven’t made them official, but she [Nickel] had some ideas about flower sales, and if we could implement those that would be great.”

Charka’s friend Grace Curry stressed the idea of financial growth in the 2020-2021 school year.

“I’m looking forward to raising more money for girls scholarships with Liv [Nickel] and helping the girls at New Trier.”

Regardless of if you are a part of either club, you cannot deny the hunger and the drive from both leaders involved.