Crank up ‘Midnight Soup’ and other New Trier radio shows at any hour

Co-President of the New Trier Radio, Juliette Rechtin expresses herself through her radio show ‘Midnight Soup’


Juliette Rechtin recording for Midnight Soup

New Trier Radio Co-President Juliette Rechtin embodies a therapeutic way not only to share unique music, but to express her complex personality through discovering the newest indie music with her show ‘Midnight Soup’.


“Midnight soup is an amalgamation of different genres that fit with a midnight vibe,” explained Rechtin. “I’m currently listening to alot of city pop, but also like alot of folksy RB stuff. I think the main idea of Midnight soup is that any sort of music is compatible.”


Her philosophy is that expressing herself  through radio is a calming experience, Rechtin emphasized. 


“There’s nothing like it. It transports me to another world. Music is the smooth highway of peace and calm within the busy mess that is New Trier.”


While Rechtin is focused on playing as many diverse genres as possible, her priority when it comes to deciding what to air is that it must be Indie. Because WNTH is classified as a college radio station based on number of listeners, WNTH  gets sent hundreds of songs every day from a plethora of distributors and record companies. 


Rechtin, fellow Co-President Sam Roberts, Mr. Syrek, and other radio hosts, take those songs and curate them to fit into the shows’ style.


“What makes our station stand out among other college stations is that as high schoolers we have a unique perspective on music that not all college students have. We’re a bit young and a bit dumb, so we find music that older people don’t find,” stated Rechtin.


Rechtin first got into radio when she stumbled into the radio club, and found herself in awe of all of the technical equipment. 


“I’ve never seen anything like the radio room. Immediately when I stepped into the environment of the club, I felt a sense of tranquility I’ve never experienced before.”


Rechtin quickly immersed herself in radio because of its innate therapeutic nature, which allows her a creative outlet where she can be herself. 


The biggest challenge for Rechtin and other WNTH leaders is to connect with student listeners. Many listeners are parents or adults in the District. Rechtin believes that the administration and adviser system could be doing more to promote the station.


“One of the ideas we had if the admin would approve is to play our shows over the loudspeaker during lunch or even different times of the day. It would give us so much more exposure to our peers”, said Rechtin.


Some of the blossoming shows thatNew Trier Radio boasts include: “All in All,” “The Big Listen” and “Fridays on Shuffle.” Below are sample playlists of each show.


Midnight Soup Mix:

  1. Bla Bla – Julien Decoret, Joon Moon, Liv Warfield
  2. A Mouthful – Kolezanka
  3. Soul Shower – Mister T.
  4. Champion Sound – Pachyman
  5. Karst – E. VAX, Ratatat
  6. Esperanza – Hermanos Gutierrez
  7. Bloodhounds (Bad News Babe) – Star Moles
  8. Little Souls – The Silk War
  9. Christopher Robbins – Paul Jacobs
  10. 好き好き大好き – Jun Togawa


All in All Mix


“Our music showcases a wide variety of international music from all genres. Each episode(this playlist) has its own unique theme. For this episode it is comfort music”


  1. Past Life – Garett Kato
  2. Hug – SEVENTEEN
  3. 茶香味(Oolong Tea) – Vivi Hu
  4. Un Homme – Jeremy Frerot
  5. Pareja Del Ano – Sebastian Yatra, Myke Towers
  6. VENT’ANNI – Maneskin
  7. Ta mig tillbaka – Darin


The Big Listen


“We work hard to focus on important topics such as self love, anxiety, and the power of fear. We speak about hard times and how we’ve overcome them”


  1. Buddy Holly – Weezer
  2. Loser – Beck
  3. What Ever Happened? – The Strokes
  4. Reptilia – The Strokes
  5. Center City Blues – Kelsey Cork and The Swigs
  6. Monsters – Hurricane Bells
  7. 1979 – The Smashing Pumpkins


Fridays on Shuffle


“The show contains songs from many different genres such as Indie rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, and more! Every episode has a positive and uplifting vibe that’s sure to brighten your mood.”


  1. C U Girl – Steve Lacy
  2. Hey Ya! – Outkast
  3. Street Lights – Kanye West
  4. Losing You – Boy Pablo
  5. Walking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun
  6. Send Me on My Way – Rusted Root
  7. September – Earth, Wind, and Fire