Trevian games revive New Trier spirit

Trevian Games bring adviseries together for positive start to day



Students participate in Giant Jenga during advisery. Trevian games unites adviseries through good-natured and high-spirited competitions

A “New Trier” engraved Jenga tower collapses to the ground of the scrounge floor causing a commotion between the competitors, bringing back the New Trier spirit through a friendly and competitive game of stacking. 

The Trevian Games, sponsored by the Fun Committee, are intended to help students start the day on a more positive and energetic note. They are engaging and easily played games that are provided through events that have already taken place twice during advisery this year. 

It felt so good to laugh and have fun with each other. That was sort of a wake up call that we need more of that.”

— Simons

All adviseries are welcome to come and join the fun, “We’re hoping as the year goes on more people hear about it and it can be a fun thing that’s here to stay,” said creator of Trevian Games Kerri Simons.

According to Simons, the games are created to lift school spirit and bring students together. 

Junior Caitlin Cohen agrees, “I liked how involved and excited everyone was to participate in them because it was great to see everyone showing their school spirit.”

Originating this year, the Trevian Games are inspired by the night rally and the enthusiastic yet competitive nature of the activities that took place that night. 

“I just had so much fun competing. It felt so good to laugh and have fun with each other. That was sort of a wake up call that we need more of that,” said Simons.

Junior Rebecca Canales agrees that the games bring a lot of fun to the advisery period, “I liked how it brought my advisery together so we could all have fun and share another memory.”

The games are brainstormed within the Fun Committee  to fit the no-preparation qualification. This means that the games are easily played without complicated rules and preparation time, making it easier to include any student interested in playing, explained Simons. 

There have been two Trevian Game events during the advisery period. One during the first semester which was competitive rounds of Bags between the staff, seniors, juniors, and sophomores. The seniors reigned victorious in the Bags event with a score of 35. 

The second event was Giant Jenga. The Jenga sets were a homemade school project created by the Applied Arts students who added a custom New Trier engraving in collaboration with the Fun Committee. 

“I reached out to Mr. Boumstein, the department chair, and he was so excited. So we collaborated on [the Jenga sets],” said Simons.

The Trevian Games are intended to help students in starting the school day off on a more positive and active note, as well as bring adviseries together. 

Junior Tommy Mosher said that it was overall a good time, “I thought it was pretty fun to hangout with my adviser. We all really liked Jenga and it’s fun when other kids are watching.” 

Senior Jessica Ibreava adds that the games give an opportunity to connect with new people. “I think it’s cool because it builds teamwork, and you can talk to kids you’ve never spoken to before,” she said.

Simons hopes that the Trevian Games will continue to grow in popularity throughout the year and proceed in following years. There are a lot of collaborations and other competitive aspects planned for the future of Trevian Games. 

“I’m looking forward to doing more collaborations in the future. I think the Student Council and I are in the talks of getting a trophy,” said Simons. 

Look out for the Trevian Games in the scrounge coming up in March, April and May which includes a game of musical chairs.