Batman returns with a bang

Robert Pattinson is back, and no, this time he does not sparkle in the sun


Batman official

Promotional photo for the Batman featuring Robert Pattison, Paul Dano, Zoe Kravitz, and Colin Farewell.

Filling the shoes of Chrisitan Bale and Micheal Keaton was no easy task, but Robert Pattinson easily does it in the newest Batman movie that hit theaters March 4. 

Although, The Batman does lack an in-depth history of Bruce Wayne, the movie is consistent with the classic “Batman” plot of Bruce Wayne, the billionaire citizen who has an alter ego of Batman: the dark hero of Gotham City.. So I recommend that anyone interested in watching the new release watch the Dark Knight Trilogy prior for a better understanding of Wayne’s origin. 

There was a lot of backlash following the announcement of Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. This criticism included comparison to his role in Twilight to represent his lack of range, which is completely untrue. 

Pattinson has a wide range of roles in movies including The King, Tenet, The Lighthouse, Good Time and other notable films of diverse categories; and has brought a new side to Batman through his range. 

Pattinson’s acting in the movie highlights the darker and more timid side to Bruce Wayne which was less prevalent in the previous movies. This movie is unique in the sense that Bruce Wayne is not only the dark hero, but more complicated, more introverted, and more weird because of his past, which furthers the difference between Wayne and his alter-ego. 

Writer and director Matt Reeves leaned into his detective skills in this one. I enjoyed detective elements because, despite his cleverness, he still had his flaws which humanizes the character without being frustratingly incompetent. 

It maintained the traditional aspects of the villain narratives, but still had a unique twist to the plot and compelling mischief that the villains create. The Riddler especially was unique because of his different appearance compared to the previous movies’ Riddlers as well as a more malicious intent.  

The storyline moves at a consistent pace that keeps you interested despite being one of the longest superhero movies of all time with a running time of 2 hours and 56 minutes. Even when it seemed as if there was a resolution, the storyline continued into something even more spectacular. The ending of this movie was also one of my favorite parts because it promises a return of one of the most iconic storylines in superhero history. 

This is definitely a movie worth watching whether you are a superhero fan or not. The structure of the plot was amazing, the visuals were 100% worth the anticipation, and the not-so resolving resolution was compelling.