Habitat for Humanity Hosts Online Fundraiser Auction

Senior Adviseries’ Service Projects Sold


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The annual habitat for humanity auction was held remotely this year

As the school year draws to a close, most seniors tend to find themselves with a lot of time on their hands and a sense of altruism, which may result in their desire to take on charity and community work. Like every year, New Trier has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to capitalize on this through construction projects and, of course, an auction. 

There are over 300 items in the auction, at various price points, so it appeals to everyone

— McMohan

This year’s auction, like any other Habitat auction, was a huge success. Kathleen McMahon, Assistant to the Senior Adviser Chairs, has worked closely with Habitat for Humanity on Senior Service projects many times. 

We want students, staff, and faculty to participate along with parents and the community.  There are over 300 items in the auction, at various price points, so it appeals to everyone,” said McMahon.

Many of these items came from New Trier directly as part of this year’s Senior Service Project, in which senior adviseries created unique gift baskets. A list of some of the more striking gift baskets to appear were: Arado Advisery’s “Death by Chocolate,” Gamauf Advisery’s “Frida Fiesta,” Martin Advisery’s “International Candies,” and many, many more.

However, there is more to the auction than just gift baskets. McMahon reveals that while The Senior Class Habitat Leadership Board hosts the auction, many other groups at New Trier have donated various things to support the cause.

“Each year, many New Trier coaches donate weeks of enrollment in their Summer Camps, as well as Private Lessons, to the auction… This year, a music teacher donated two amazing packages from groups she works with outside of school and the GSA Club donated a beautiful basket filled with many items… In addition, staff members have donated personal sporting event tickets or purchased items to support Habitat.” 

There were even more exclusive items available listed on the auction website for bidders with deeper pockets. Examples include five tickets to an upcoming Miranda Lambert concert starting at $2,500 and VIP parking for the 2022/2023 school year which sold for $4,200.

While these items may be pricey, all proceeds from the auction went directly to Habitat for Humanity and their efforts.

Regardless of overall income, the auction was an important part of New Trier’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity; after all, this event marks 22 years of cooperation between the two organizations.