Sports Medicine Club reaches new audiences

Students are learning new and interesting skills in sports medicine club



Sports med club members pose for a picture after this year’s annual pumpkin carving on Oct. 13

Junior Dae Lee joined sports medicine club after getting concussed his sophomore year during football season. He immediately took an interest in the skills he was being taught.

He would go to club meetings during his lunch periods to learn from the school’s skilled athletic trainers, Emily Espinosa, Tim McNair, Dale Grooms.

Lee enjoys the activities he does and the experience that comes with them. 

“Outside of the club we do lots of things like going to practices for anyone who needs help because it’s a very prominent time.” said Lee.

Students in Sports Medicine club learn medical skills ranging from taping an ankle to dealing with blood and gain new experiences from hands-on opportunities. 

Head athletic trainer Dale Grooms started the club in 2003 to help kids get hands-on experience and learn skills they might not learn in other places during the school day. He then continued to pass it on to the other athletic trainers. 

“He wanted to get more kids involved and the great thing about sports medicine club is it’s a lot of giving back to your peers,” said athletic trainer Emily Espinosa. 

Students get the opportunity to be thrown into the actions at sporting events like games and practices. 

“You’re on the sidelines, helping your peers participate in the sport, you know, whether it’s giving water or covering a wound that’s bleeding,” said Espinosa

Junior Piper Goldman heard about the club freshman year and has been routinely attending games and practices as a part of the club. She brought the Concussion Legacy Foundation into relations with the sports medicine club and the athletic trainers which is a foundation for concussion awareness. 

“I also work with the concussion Legacy Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization and I’ve brought that into Sports Med club to help raise awareness for concussions,” said Goldman.

Recently the club has had a huge jump in members. Students are hearing about the opportunity it gives them and stopping in during lunch periods to get involved. 

“We’ve gotten a lot more participation than we have in the past which is phenomenal. I think we advertise it a little bit better… I think kids are starting to spread the word more,” said athletic trainer Tim Mcnair. 

The club has a variety of students in many different extracurriculars and athletes in sports for multiple seasons. They learn how to manage sports, school and the club. 

“Not even just sports. Maybe they’re in theater or sports and learning to balance school, that and the club is a huge thing and communicating with us like ‘hey, I’ve got a really busy week.’” said Espinosa. 

Students get to learn and practice leadership skills and teamwork skills when participating at games or practices. 

“And I think just getting a feel for how you lead a group is a big thing that they’re learning. Like I said in the beginning just realizing that you’re doing something for someone else.” said McNair.