Is Wednesday a must-watch?

The new Netflix series has a lot of hype, but is it worth the watch?



Netflix Wednesday profile

While Wednesday is framed as a revival of the Addams family, the 8 episode Netflix show is first and foremost a mystery. The show revolves around Wednesday Addams, and her navigation through a new boarding school, a series of murders in the community, and even an attempt on her life.

These events are what drive the plot forward. We follow Wednesday investigating the school, her peers, and the murders at hand. As we follow Wednesday’s point of view, we feel as though we’re piecing the mystery together alongside her, which leads to a fun watching experience. 

However, the mystery itself feels a little shallow. Although the show’s dramatic reveal occurs during the last two episodes, you can make an educated guess about the culprits from the third or fourth episode. 

There are only so many characters that could fit the role of a suspect, and only so many that would be worthy of a plot twist. My biggest critique of the show would be with the protagonist. 

Wednesday is characterized as a cynical, unfeeling, antisocial teenager. While this take on Wednesday isn’t inherently bad, and actually does lead to some comedy within the show, the choice makes her relationships with other characters feeling inauthentic and insincere. 

When the people around her try to be kind and sociable, Wednesday reacts by dismissing, criticizing, or rolling her eyes at them. And yet, she still has a strong relationship with all of these characters. This makes the drama between Wednesday and other characters, especially her love interests, feel incredibly forced. You can still be unfeeling without being mean, but sometimes Wednesday forgets that. 

Another aspect of the character that bugs me is the relationship she has with her mother, Morticia. For some reason, the writers thought the show needed more drama, and added the element of a tenuous relationship between mother and daughter. 

Wednesday feels as though her parents, especially Morticia, expect her to follow in their footsteps and resents them for it. This backfires for the writers, and instead of adding drama to the narrative, it makes Wednesday feel more immature than intended. 

Still, the show’s mystery is fun and intriguing. While it may not be complex or profound, you still have a fun time watching everything unfold. 

The series may have some flaws and kinks, but throughout the 8 episodes, it still manages to entertain its audience with a fun cast of characters, an intriguing (although obvious) mystery, and the lovable atmosphere expected from the Addams family. 

Wednesday might not be the most complex show out there, but it’s campy and fun, and definitely worth a movie night.