Raimond Pavely named director of campus safety

Pavely, a retired police officer, spent 21 years with Wilmette Police


Police officer Pavely pictured with Wilmette citizen showing his love for the community | Aydin

In December 2022, retirement was not on the mind of Raimond Pavely, an officer at the Wilmette Police Department, as he was studying to be promoted to sergeant. That was when an opportunity at New Trier popped up, and he knew that he had to take a shot at it. 

The year before, as school resource officer for many of Wilmette schools, Pavely enjoyed developing relationships with students and faculty while putting security measures in place to keep them safe. Ever since, he has wanted to work in a school again, and the job at New Trier was his chance to do that. 

In 2023, you certainly need somebody to oversee security full time, especially for a [big] building like New Trier

— Raimond Pavely

In January, he was selected and approved by the Board of Education to be director of campus safety, a new leadership position responsible for developing and implementing programs and strategies to improve safety and security. He started in February after a twenty-one-year career with the Wilmette Police.

Pavely said that the position of director of campus safety is important to have at New Trier. 

“In 2023, you certainly need somebody to oversee security full time, especially for a [big] building like New Trier,” said Pavely.

Principal Denise Dubravec is confident that Pavely, in his new position, will be successful. 

“[He has] a natural experience that gives us an extra feeling of safety and security,” said Dubravec.

Pavely has developed safety plans for local schools, government agencies, and religious institutions across the New Trier district. He is also a consultant, certified juvenile officer, and firearms instructor

Many schools have retired police officers for positions like director of campus safety, Dubravec said.

As director of campus safety, Pavely oversees the security team on campus and works with the local fire and police department to ensure emergency procedures are up to date. Each week, he meets with Dubravec to discuss safety and security matters, such as making sure cameras are in the right places.

Pavely knew that when he signed up for the job, he would be very busy. Now, after a few months on the job, he has made progress on his plans to keep New Trier safe.

Pavely had always wanted to be a police officer, as he enjoys helping others. 

“The first opportunity I got to apply, I applied for many [police] departments, it just happened that Wilmette responded first,” said Pavely.

Before he joined law enforcement, he was a PE teacher in Chicago Public Schools for a year and a half. He has a BS in Kinesiology and Education.

At the Wilmette Police Department, Pavely was part of the multi-jurisdictional Burglary Task Force, which activates when patterns of burglary occur.

“We would do kind of what you see on TV. Sit in covert cars, follow burglars around, and make arrests,” said Pavely.

At New Trier, Pavely said he had been recognized by students and parents who knew him when he worked in Wilmette.

When he applied for the position, Pavely stood out because New Trier received “wonderful references” from students and families he worked with in the past, according to Dubravec.

Pavely said he is “very approachable,” and wants students, parents, and staff members to know that he is at New Trier to help them.

Pavely wants everybody to do their part in keeping New Trier. He has seen students without an ID and has seen propped doors.

“I’m just a small part of the solution to keeping this building safe,” said Pavely.