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Instagram account ‘NT Chicks’ builds platform for relatable content

Newly created account becomes an entertaining space for women and all students
@newtrierchicks on Instagram

New Trier Chicks, a new Instagram page created to make content that resonates with the female student body at school, has grown in popularity over the last few weeks, reaching 1400.

There are various student-run accounts on Instagram that have relatable content for New Trier students, such as New Trier Barstool. New Trier Chicks aims to do something different, though. 

The New Trier Chicks account owners claim that they started the account as a joke, unsure if it would actually gain followers. 

The anonymous students behind the account said in an interview through Instagram direct messages that other accounts are “not geared towards a female audience,” and they “wanted a place where girls at New Trier could verbalize shared experiences and opinions.”

New Trier Stool seems to lean more towards sport-related content and have posts focused more around the boys at the school. 

“[Accounts like New Trier Stool are] supposed to be for school spirit, but when it becomes exclusive, it takes the importance of bringing everyone together out of it,” senior Talya Brown said. 

New Trier Chicks actively engages with its followers, encouraging them to submit their own content, participate in polls, and share their own relatable experiences. It’s not just a page for New Trier girls; it’s a page created by them and for all. 

Although the account is mostly for the women at New Trier, Chicks said, “[We] want the account to be something that everyone feels comfortable interacting with…NT Chicks would not have good content without our followers who respond to questions, polls, and send in pictures.” 

The New Trier Chicks account owners claim that they started the account as a joke, unsure if it would actually gain followers.

“[We] saw [our] older friends posting their college’s Chicks accounts, so [we] decided a New Trier Chicks account would be the perfect opportunity for a place with more female-oriented posts,” New Trier Chicks said.

For example, the New Trier barstool account, also not affiliated with New Trier, posts “almost Friday” content where students can send in funny pictures and/or videos to be posted; this account is mostly sports based. In response, New Trier Chicks created “Woman Wednesday,” where girls can send in humorous content of their friends. 

“[Our] content is more focused on what is going on in everyday life at New Trier, not just what’s going on between sports teams,” New Trier Chicks said.

The account has gained a lot of positive attention over the past couple weeks. 

“The posts are relatable towards all girls, relatively, at New Trier, and they consistently post quality content,” senior Victoria Makowski said.  

The Instagram page has become more than just a platform for humor; it’s a digital space for the girls of New Trier to bond, laugh, and find solidarity in their shared experiences. 

“New Trier Chicks not only is giving girls something to bond over, but it’s empowering young women from New Trier to run something for themselves,” Brown said.  “It has been really fun for seniors especially, I think, just to have this account almost to remember our last year of high school.” 

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