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New ambitious fried chicken empire marches into North Shore

Honey Butter Fried Chicken dishes up chicken, drinks, and sides in a fast-casual setting
Honey Butter Fried Chicken has been packed with customers in its first three months of opening

Honey Butter Fried Chicken, a new restaurant specializing in fried chicken, opened up in downtown Glencoe on Tuesday, Jan. 16. The new restaurant neighbors the popular House Tutoring Lounge. Throughout recent years, the building housed many restaurants, yet couldn’t find a permanent tenant, so, I was initially skeptical about this new business.

Walking into Honey Butter Chicken feels like entering a millennial’s oasis. The door, the walls, and the ceiling are entirely sleek and white.  Beyond the counter is a station equipped with extra plates, napkins, and water. As my eyes wander, I examined the large yellow menu filled with fried food on the wall above the counter. 

Seeing my confused expression, the cashier immediately begins to assist me. I’m looking for something homemade and simple,yet spicy for my afternoon meal. He recommends the Honey Buffalo Sandwich with a side of Pimento Mac and Cheese, which he says uses the same kind of cheese as Cheetos. To wash it all down, I order a lemonade slushee. 

An ice cold lemonade slushee

The cashier hands me a small cup with lemon slush, and I march back to the wooden table my friends thoughtlessly picked. I sit down in a bright green chair with my questionably portioned lemonade, rip open a plastic straw, and stick it into the yellow slush. At first, the taste of the lemons overpowers thedrink, but the sweet and sour taste and iciness of the slush ultimately bring the drink together. I would give this a solid 8/10. 

Minutes later, a waiter in checkered red-and-black flannel arrives with my food. The sandwich itself is dripping with bleu cheese. The outside is topped with nicely baked buns while the inside is lined with crispy chicken and, interestingly, small hot Cheeto bits layered on the bottom. The chicken itself is delicious, and the Cheeto bits make the sandwich spicy. However, the blue cheese counteracts the spiciness, giving the sandwich a more balanced flavor. I give the sandwich a 6/10. Although the sandwich seems amazing on paper, there were too many competing flavors. The price of $12.45, although on the expensive side, is justified when you

A spicy chicken sandwich, filled with blue cheese and pimento dust

consider that the portion sizes are large enough for at least two meals. 

At first glance, the macaroni looks plain, but I decide to give it a chance anyway. The small bread crumbs mixed in create a fulfilling flavor and texture.  The dish, instead of a usual fixation on the cheesiness, focuses more

A Pimento Mac and Cheese, topped with bread crumbs

on the butter. I understand the appeal of the creaminess of the dish, yet I personally prefer a more cheesy, traditional approach to this classic. The dish was a little expensive for the size at $5.95, so I rate the Mac and Cheese a 4/10.

For dessert, I ordered dump cake. The dump cake has a thick, tart raspberry pie filling with sweet vanilla cake. This would be best shared between three people. This dessert is best shared among two people. Although I usually would recommend the chocolate cake, I suggest trying the

A tart dessert, with a vanilla cake base and a raspberry frosting on top

dump cake for its unique flavor.  The cake is on the expensive side, $5.95, yet the quality of the dessert is worth the price. This dessert creates a new experience for my palate, and it deserves a 9/10.

I am happy with my order, yet I regret not selecting the signature chicken strips, which I hear many people enjoy. 

Honey Butter Fried Chicken is a great place to grab a bite to eat for lunch, with its clean seating arrangement, and impeccable service. Even though the Mac and Cheese did not meet my expectations, the food is creative and provides a new outlet for lunch and dinner. This might not be the place for a formal dinner; however, if you are bored of the same rotation of restaurants, stop by!

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