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Shooter Kills 13 at Washington Navy Yard

Washington – On September 16, suspected shooter, Aaron Alexis, shot 13 people at the Washington Navy Yard to their death. FBI Director James Comey provided new details on the matter.

On September 19, Comey told reporters that Aaron Alexis entered Building 197 carrying a bag and went to a fourth floor bathroom. He came out of the bathroom with a Remington 870 shotgun that was cut down on both ends and started wandering the halls, hunting people to shoot, firing almost immediately with no discernible pattern.

Alexis had additional ammunition in his pockets according to Comey, but eventually ran out and began using a gun that he had taken from a base security guard. Alexis appeared to move without any direction or purpose and was not looking for particular individuals.

Comey also said there is no indication at this time that the shooting had any connection to terrorism, and there are no signs Alexis worked with anyone else.

Couple brutally killed in India after eloping

India – A young couple was brutally murdered in northern India on September 17, after they were tracked down and brought back to their village in the Rohtak district. Police said the man was beheaded and his girlfriend was beaten to death in an “honour killing.”

The woman’s mother, father and uncle were arrested after the gruesome murders were carried out in a village in the state of Haryana, police said.

The woman, 20, was allegedly beaten to death when relatives, angry about their decision to elope in New Dehli, turned on her 22-year-old boyfriend, attacking him with sticks, said Inspector-General Kumar.

According to Kumar, the family tried to burn the woman’s body but were stopped by police.

The couple had been in a relationship for three years. The woman was studying to be an art teacher and her boyfriend was also a student at a local college. Both belonged to the same village and caste.

For centuries, India turned a blind eye over killings that target young couples who have relationships that their families and even clans and communities disapprove of, especially ones in rural India.

These killings are carried out by relatives to protect the family’s reputation and pride. According to the All India Democratic Women’s Association, research shows that about 1,000 cases occur nationwide every year.

Police in Haryana have been conducting a campaign against honour killings in the state by hosting seminars where women officers visit villages to educate villagers.

Police are still looking for the woman’s brother who drove them to the village before their death.

Kenyan mall terrorists killed in rescue of hostages

Kenya – On September 24, the Kenyan government officially declared victory over the islamic extremist who took over the Nairobi shopping mall three days prior.

These terrorists took over the mall on September 21st and proceeded to murder civilians and take hostages. The current death toll is 61 civilians, six members of Kenya’s security force, and five terrorists. 50 people are still missing, and several are expected to be dead.

The attackers were armed with automatic weapons and grenades. The terrorist organization Shabab, a Somalian based group, has taken credit for the attacks; however, it’s unclear whether they are solely responsible.

During the exchange, three floors of the mall collapsed, burying several bodies, including several terrorists.

One British woman and several Americans were reportedly involved. The Kenyan government is currently identifying the bodies. Unfortunately, they have yet to identify if any of the attackers were American.

Citizens from several countries were killed in the attack, including people from China, Ghana, Canada, France, Britain, and India.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether or not all the terrorists have been captured. Western officials fear that several assailants managed to drop their weapons and fled with civilians, effectively escaping capture.

At several points, the Kenyan government claimed that the situation was under control, only for more fighting to break out soon after.

During the siege, hundreds of Kenyan troops, along with helicopters, planes,  armored personnel carriers, and security officials from Britain, France, Israel, and the United States, surrounded the mall, but the terrorists continued to refuse to surrender.

Kenyans initially refused assistance from the American government, turning instead to the Israeli Defense Force to provide assistance for the commandos in the mall.

This situation is extremely unfortunate for the Kenyan economy. Tourism and outside investment are major Kenyan markets; since the attack, Kenyan currency has been decreasing in value.

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