News Cues: Stories from outside the halls

International: Juan Orlando Hernández and Xiomara Castro are the top two current candidates for presidency in Honduras. There was mass confusion with the public of who was the true elected leader. Although Hernández had a striking lead, Castro announced that according to the party’s count, she was the recognized winner. She said, “I will not let you down” to the public while Hernández posted a photograph on twitter thanking his supporters for the victory; both candidates believed they won. There were apparent faults in the voting system because politicians were under the impression that the voting was manipulated to favor a certain party. The counting of votes proved that the ballots were inconsistent. The final votes have yet to be announced, but a second round of voting is not permitted. This means that the votes are still valid, and the sole president of Honduras will soon be announced.

National: An investigation on the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was held as detectives found more information about Adam Lanza, the gunman. After reviewing video footage, investigators discovered that Lanza was fascinated with shootings before Sandy Hook, specifically the 1999 shooting in Littleton, Colorado. As for his tactics, Lanza entered the school by breaking a glass window after realizing that the main doors were locked. According to the staff working near the main office, Lanza was wearing sunglasses, a hat, and he was walking relatively normally. From interviews with people who have known Lanza, there was no suggested evidence for his motives for targeting Sandy Hook other than his educational background at the elementary school. Although it was recorded that he had a healthy childhood, investigators noticed a lack of emotional connection with Lanza. The investigation did not supply much information but did promote safety in schools all around the nation.

State: The Illinois congressional delegation requested disaster declaration for 15 counties from the president. According to the counties, they were harmed by the fourth largest November tornado sequence in U.S history. It was recorded that 24 of the 67 tornadoes produced by a large storm touched down in Illinois and caused mass panic and destruction. The Federal Emergency Management Agency noted the counties in need: Champaign, Douglas, Fayette, Grundy, Jasper, LaSalle, Massac, Pope, Tazewell, Vermilion, Wabash, Washington, Wayne, Will and Woodford. These storms caused six deaths and 180 injuries. Without the disaster declaration, the counties were unsure of how to handle the recurring storms.

Local: Resident of Northfield, Keith Cozart (Chief Keef), has been required to pay thousands of dollars in child support. Cozart is currently in a rehabilitation center because of excessive drug use, but his attorney met up with Russell Hartigan, a Bridgeview judge, to review the results of his DNA testing. The results reveal that Cozart is in fact the father of the child. The court ordered that Cozart pay $2,500 dollars a month for the next ten months as well as a single payment of $25,000 dollars. On top of these payments, Cozart is required to provide medical and life insurance for the child. Cozart has requested to stay in the rehab facility after pleading guilty to a speeding ticket of 110 miles per hour on the Edens Expressway. He is also involved in another case pertaining to child support, which he hopes to avoid as he stays in rehab.