Prom Committee prepares for a magical extravaganza

The biggest dance of the year is right around the corner and the Prom Committee, lead by Junior Advisor Chairs Stephanie Gamauf and Greg Sego, is busily preparing and planning for what they hope will be a magical night.

The committee had their first official meeting on Thursday, Feb. 13,  and began brainstorming ideas for the Prom on April 26th. Prom Committee members meet every Thursday during advisory in the Career Center until the dance.

“What we do [begins with]brainstorming possible themes for Prom,” said Gamauf. Some of the themes they have been brainstorming have been Welcome To The 50s, Winter Wonderland, Hawaiian Tropical Paradise, and Old Hollywood.

Once they have a list of themes, the committee narrows the list down to the top three. Once the top three themes have been decided upon, ballots are sent to advisories and the students vote on what theme they like the best. “In a sense the whole Junior class gets a say in what the theme will be,” said Gamauf.

Once the theme has been decided upon and the votes have been counted, “From there we get creative,” according to Gamauf.

The committee starts on many other important tasks involved in organizing prom. They start talking about the color scheme for the dance and they also discuss what decorations they are going to use. They design the logo for Prom and work on the Prom t-shirt design as well as designing and putting up posters to advertise the sale of tickets.

Gamauf and some of the members then make a trip to the Hyatt in Chicago, off Wacker Drive, which is the venue and they do a food tasting to decide the menu for the dance. The budget for decorating the Hyatt in part comes from ticket sales according to Gamauf. However, decorations are not an enormous part of the budget because Prom is held at such a nice location.“They enhance the setting but they’re not a huge chunk of the budget,” said Gamauf.

The Prom Committee is very popular among students since, according to Gamauf, almost fifty students showed up to the first meeting. Given this high number Gamauf ended up having to say that she could only have one to two representatives per advisory and that a rotation system could be started if more students were interested in getting involved. Even though Prom is still months away, students are already getting excited for the year’s biggest dance. Senior Lina Horvath is looking forward to “hanging with friends. and It being my senior year, it’s my last Prom ever, so it’s a big deal.” Also looking forward to Prom, Junior Jeffery McHugh added. “I’m excited to be with friends.” Another student looking forward to the upcoming Prom is Senior Noor Qasim who said, “I think it will be fun to spend time with friends and dance.”

Students are getting excited and Prom committee is hard at work making the year’s biggest dance a success. When April comes around juniors and seniors will finally be able to see the fruits of all of the hard work and planning the members of Prom committee have put in to making the night truly spectacular.