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Trevapalooza lights up the dance floor in its second year

Students prepare for annual dance over President’s weekend

Ben Morrissey

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Despite the fact that Trevapalooza is on Presidents Day weekend, that will not stop students from attending the event.

Most students are actually pleased with the date that was chosen for this year’s dance.

“It’s good that it’s in February because nothing happens in February. It is also spaced very well between Homecoming and Prom,” said Senior Cooper Woolford.

Woolford also said that  since there is school on the Monday after the weekend of the dance so people were less likely to schedule a vacation for that weekend.

Senior Mia Krone added that no matter what day is chosen for the dance some people are going to have a conflict that causes them to be unable to attend the dance.

The date is only one detail that has to be planned out for the dance. Moira Gitau, sponsor for Global Exhange Club, leads students in preparing the event.

The first thing that has to be prepared is the official name of the event and the theme of the event. This year’s theme is Superheroes Vs. Villains.

Once they have the theme decided, decorations need to be made based on the theme of the dance. Then, New Trier chooses a company for that dance that provides a DJ and other entertainment. According to Gitau, New Trier has to pick one company to provide all of the entertainment for the dance to prevent the dance from becoming too expensive.

This year’s dance will have a wide variety of activities. Along with the music provided by the DJ, the dance will include a spinning joust game where students will attempt to duck under or jump over a joust coming at them. It will also include refreshments, a photo booth, and a game room with air hockey, pop a shot, ping pong, and other games.

“We want to make sure that a wide variety of students have fun at the dance,” Gitau said.

The decorations are set up the day of the dance and because of other activities going on, the setup for the dance can’t begin until late in the morning or early afternoon. The Gates Gym is not available until 1:00 PM.

Students use their IDs to get into the dance. This was chosen as the best way to have kids enter the dance to avoid problems with lost tickets and kids potentially selling the tickets to other people.

Another priority is having enough staff to cover all of the areas of the school. All exits are clearly labeled and the staff is there to make sure that all exits are cleared of crowds so students can safely leave the building.

“I think it’s a good time to spend with friends. It’s fun if you go with a good friend group,” Said Senior Katy Symanietz.

Juniors and seniors also get the benefit of deciding on a theme for the group they go with.

“My favorite part is dressing up with my friends and having a good time together,” said Krone.

Though the dance seems to be very popular with students, they still say that there are ways that it could be improved.

My favorite part is dressing up with my friends and having a good time together, said Krone.

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Trevapalooza lights up the dance floor in its second year