No “nic” detectors

Mack Guthrie

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This week, rumors spread that the school, following the lead of a few New York Public schools, had installed “nic detectors” to apprehend students using vapes in the restrooms.

According to Assistant Principal for Student Services Scott Williams, there are no vape detectors in the bathrooms.

The use of vaporizers, also known as vapes, has grown over the last few years, spurring a “crackdown” on their use in bathrooms.

The alleged devices detect changes in the gas and humidity levels, and send an alert to the owner of the device.

For fear of these devices, students have been covering smoke detectors and other devices in the restrooms, posing a safety concern.

Williams confirmed that the school takes vaping very seriously, and that it is treated as an equally offensive behavior as smoking a cigarette.

One anonymous student explained that a detector would likely be ineffective, as an experienced vaper “can just hold it in their lungs to where little to no vapor actually exits the body” —a technique known in the community as “zeroing.”

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