New Trier News Celebrating 100 years

2019 marks the 100th year of the New Trier News. The past century has seen tremendous change both in the world and at New Trier. Since 1919, the advisery system has been created, two campuses merged into one school, the internet entered our classrooms, and Northfield opened for freshman students.

In this time, students returned from World War I to complete their education, protested the Vietnam War, and saw America’s first black president. Throughout the decades, the NT News has been here to report it all.

To commemorate a century of student journalism, each edition of the NT News this upcoming school year will feature reprinted articles from the last 100 years. The thoughts and opinions expressed in the reprinted articles reflect the values of students at that point in time. We believe these articles are an important way to acknowledge all aspects of New Trier’s history.

The student voices of the past can show how we have changed as a community and which traditions have withstood the test of time. For the past century, the NT News has been a weekly paper, printing thousands of articles documenting the events through the decades.

In a world of “fake news” and polarization, the NT News remains dedicated to truthfully reporting on the issues students care about the most. We are committed to including a variety of perspectives, communicating the facts, and provoking constructive dialogue about what happens in our community and beyond.

Our ambitions continue to be boundless as we begin the next century of student journalism at New Trier.