Dolin, Casey speak on Student Council plans for 20-21 school year

2020-2021 Student Council officers set course for the future


Danielle Towers

L-R: Emma Taylor, Isabel Mangum, Kenny Dolin, Cat Cohen, Aiden Casey, the 2020-2021 student council

As the Democratic Primaries have taken the country by storm, New Trier held its own elections on March 3 and 5.
Junior Kenny Dolin won the presidential election, junior Aiden Casey was chosen as the Student Culture Commissioner, junior Cat Cohen will be the next Vice President, junior Emma Taylor won the job of Secretary, and junior Isabel Mangum was chosen as Treasurer.

President-elect Dolin decided to run for the presidency because he wants to contribute to the well-being of students and the school as a whole.

“I was really interested in making a change in our community and making it a better place,” explained Dolin.

During his term, his goal will be to make the high school experience easier for his fellow students.

In his campaign speech, Dolin explained that he wants to find ways to improve student mental health, cool down the gyms, rent chargers to students, and improve school WiFi functionality.

Dolin emphasized that he will  do all he can to make students’ lives better, and explained that he will try to tackle challenges that students feel are important.

“I will listen to all the challenges that we as the student body have,” said Dolin, “and propose a solution to fix them and make them better.”

To ensure his goals are met, he plans to meet with the administration and keep an open ear so that students can provide ideas and feedback on ways their daily lives could improve.

As a part of Student Council, Dolin was in charge of a project called “Novembering,” which was an artistic display that honored The Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, and Veterans Day. He also led a Panda Express fundraiser to fund new projects within Student Council.

Outside of Student Council, Dolin serves as the co-president of Erika’s Lighthouse and is a member of the Mental Health Advisory Board. He also plays volleyball, works with Special Olympics, is a member of the ELS club, Debate club, and is a student tutor.

Dolin believes he has what it takes to make the school experience easier and more enjoyable for New Trier students.

Future Student Culture Commissioner Casey is also excited to improve the school environment.

According to Casey, “The job of the Student Culture Commissioner (SCC) is to work closely with the administration [to plan] homecoming and enhance school spirit and make everyone’s overall high school experience better.”

Casey has been a devoted member of Student Council and is also a member of the varsity basketball team.

“I am very passionate about our school spirit and I have a lot of connections to the athletic department, which I think would be very beneficial for the different projects that I want to do around the school,” said Casey.

Her goal as the Student Culture Commissioner is to raise school spirit, grow the relationship between Student Council and the student body, and work to make the student body’s high school experience more fun and interactive.

For many the changes made by Student Council aren’t always noticeable, but Dolin argues they get a lot done that can be seen and acts that can’t be seen.

He said, “Student Council is constantly meeting with administration and staff and I feel like people don’t know that. So a lot gets done by Student Council, but it’s not that visible to the public eye.”