What you need to know about New Trier’s reopening

After a bizarre school year of hybrid and remote learning, how will NT’s approach to student activities and safety compare to last year’s?



Even though students are back in class fully in-person this year, many restrictions are still in place

While the new school year has brought about changes in how New Trier plans for student activities and safety, the school has also chosen to keep restrictions that students and staff will find reminiscent of last year. 

The goal, according to the school’s website, “is to keep all students learning safely in school every day.”

  • Starting August 23, school will be in-person five days a week, without a hybrid and remote option. Within the classroom, hands-on and group activities are allowed, but a social distancing guideline of 3 feet is encouraged. Students will no longer need to check into open areas, and will be able to move around both campuses freely. Extracurriculars, such as athletics, performing arts, and clubs, will also run on a regular basis.
  • Vaccinated students should send their vaccination records to [email protected]. New Trier will assume any student without a record on file is unvaccinated. Unvaccinated students may need to follow different saliva testing and quarantine procedures.
  • Similarly to last year, all students, staff, and visitors will be required to wear masks inside New Trier buildings. It is also required to wear a mask inside of school buses and shuttles. Masks are not required outdoors. The standard for a proper mask is that the mask must loop around the ears and enclose the nose and mouth. Bandannas, gaiters, and masks with ventilation valves are not allowed.
  • In the case that a student comes into close contact with an individual with COVID-19, students who are vaccinated are not required to quarantine unless they are showing symptoms. Unvaccinated students will be required to quarantine for 14 days, unless their period of quarantine is reduced. Students in quarantine will not have remote access to their classes or be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities, but will be supported by faculty and staff to keep up with classwork.
  • Saliva testing will be optional this year for students and staff who have a vaccination card on file. However, all unvaccinated staff and students participating in extracurricular activities will be required to saliva test weekly.  Testing for unvaccinated students who do not participate in any extracurriculars is also highly encouraged.

You can find more information on New Trier’s 2021-2022 operational plan on New Trier’s website.