Students hyped for Homecoming happening again

The dance is more popular than ever, with the first time slot sold out


Casey Bertocchi

Homecoming banner at the south entrance

The annual Homecoming dance is back this Saturday after being canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The dance, with Woodstock-inspired theme “Trev-Stock,” will take place at the Winnetka Campus. This year, like years past, it is sponsored by Student Council and Tri-Ship.

According to Student Activities Coordinator Stacy Kolack, the structure of the dance will look similar to past years, with some key differences. 

“We have two sessions, we have outdoor games, and no outside guests would be the three biggest differences. The outdoor games are to give people the opportunity to take a mask break so it’s not so hot and sweaty in the gyms. Otherwise it will be the same activities, just in a different way,” said Kolack.

Instead of having the entire dance open for students to come and go as they please, there are now two time slots, one from 7 – 8:30 and one from 8:45 – 10:15. For each time slot, a limited number of students can attend. The first time slot is sold out, according to Kolack.

“Right now, it just allows us to maximize the amount of students to be able to attend while still taking safety precautions,” said Kolack.

Students are generally excited about the comeback of homecoming as well and getting to see their friends. 

For sophomores and juniors, this will be their first homecoming. 

“I’m definitely excited, I wouldn’t say I’m nervous just because it’s a school dance and I’m going with people I feel comfortable with,” said sophomore Lucy Elvart.

Most years, juniors would typically be going to their second homecoming, but this year is their first. 

“I haven’t been to an event like this in a long time, since Turnabout when I was a freshman.  And I haven’t been able to dress up and go out in huge groups. I think it’s just going to be really weird and awkward, but I think people are going to be really happy,” said junior Izzy Rietz.

Student Council secretary Keely Roberts is excited to put on Homecoming again for the first time since sophomore year.

“Student Council is absolutely ecstatic to resume some semblance of normalcy and to be able to busy ourselves with homecoming. Although it’s a hectic time of year, we love putting it on and appreciate being able to see various clubs collaborate to cultivate such a fun experience,” said Roberts.

The student body is also ready for Homecoming. 

“We’ve seen an increase in ticket sales in the past few years, it’s gotten more popular. We want kids to come have fun at school and make happy memories,” said Kolack.

With some students, COVID-19 is not really a concern.

“I know that at the dance, everyone is going to be wearing a mask, so I’m not really too worried. I know that there are people who are unvaccinated, but I feel pretty safe since I’m vaccinated, so I’m willing to take the chances,” said senior Keira Botjer.

Other students are more worried about the effects of COVID-19 at the before- and after-parties more than the dance itself.

“I think that homecoming itself is going to be safe, the part where we go to the school.  but because of that there are going to be before- and after-parties, and at those, I know that nobody is going to be wearing a mask, and eating out of the same chip bowl, and just spreading stuff.  If one person has it, then at a super-crowded after-party, a bunch of people are going to get it,” said Rietz.

Roberts said that the school is taking precautions to reduce COVID-19 risks.

“Masks are mandatory, and the current spit testing provided for unvaccinated students also helps to quell COVID-19 concerns,” said Roberts.

For many students, the actual dance isn’t as exciting as the before- and after-parties.

“I am pretty excited to spend time with my friends, but the actual dance isn’t that exciting to me… I’m probably the most excited for the after party, I feel like that’s pretty common,” said Botjer.

Rietz says that she is really excited for the whole affair. “I’m just pumped for getting dressed up and making friends.”