No better time for a job than summer

With the summer season

around the corner, many students

are in a frenzy to find summer jobs.

Fortunately, on the North Shore, there

is a surplus of opportunities for high

schoolers. Whether it is lifeguarding,

camp counseling, or even delivering

food, there is something for everyone.

During the school year, it is

a little harder to keep up with a job

because of sports, extracurricular

activities, and time-consuming

school work. With all the free time of

summer though, why not?

Not everyone takes advantage

of these options, though. Some

believe that summer is a time for pure

relaxation with absolutely no worries

in the world.

I completely understand the need

to rest and recover from the tough

school year, but I think that having a

job only leads to positive outcomes.

Not only do you get a small

glimpse of the working world, but

jobs also help you grow as a person

and learn more about yourself.

There are also options available

that aren’t very time consuming. Let’s

take my job for example. I lifeguard

for a small pool club in Northfield and

I get the option to choose my schedule

based on what works for me.

So, if I am out of town or have

a previous commitment, it is not a

problem. I know that all jobs don’t

work like this, but it just shows

that you can still find a job that can

work with your schedule and have a

fantastic, activity-filled summer as


Although having a summer job

doesn’t fully compare to the types of

occupations that many strive for after

their college experience, a job helps

teenagers learn the ins and outs of a

working environment.

I think the biggest advantage in

having your own job over the summer

(and at any point in the year) is being

able to manage your own money

without your parents constantly

reprimanding you about learning how

to be independent.

Although most teenagers will

likely spend a majority of the money

they make on things like food and

clothing, it’s refreshing knowing that

it is no longer necessary to rely on

parents for everything.

I’m not sure how many more

times my parents will put up with,

“can I borrow twenty dollars?” from

both my brother and myself.

I have also heard from some

people that they get bored during

the summer without any activities to

fill up their time. Some people have

sports, some have vacations, but

many are left with nothing to do.

Sure, for the first two weeks

sitting by the pool side with a drink

in hand is a dream come true, the

next month and a half is usually filled

with free time. Jobs are a great option

because you can make money while

using your time productively.