Tri-Ship is a community of camaraderie

        Joining Girls Club my freshman year, gave me an opportunity to experience first hand how girls from different friend groups opened up and were able to focus on the same goal. That despite the majority of us not being one huge group of close friends, we were able to better our community as a whole. The same sentiment carries over to Triship. 

        Still, the same high school stereotypes apply. Triship may spark a fraternity-type vibe. Although there’s sometimes a negative connotation that surrounds fraternities, the label is just simply a label. Being associated with a fraternity, isn’t a bad thing. 

        It reminds me of a brotherhood that offers a sense of community to one another, which Triship reflects. Like fraternities, they organize tons of of service work that benefit our community. 

        At their annual Christmas tree sale, they sold over 600 Christmas trees. Aside from their service work, from a surface level, like frats have their own house, Triship has their own room decorated with a flag that displays their motto of  ‘Fellowship, Citizenship, and Sportsmanship.’ 

        It is in a way kinda of cliche, but in the bigger picture they embody what New Trier and its students value. Their return rates say it all. Like President Nate Schinderle mentioned, he joined year after year because of its positive atmosphere and all the good they do for the community. 

        In that same sense, they celebrate traditions, a factor that drives the motivation behind their events. 

         After all the steak sales they do at our football games and time they dedicate to doing them, they deserve more credit. I feel like we tend to brush off a lot of the service they do. I noticed that we pay more attention to universal clubs that focus on more general humanitarian issues, rather than the amount of work Triship does for our own communities. I’m not saying to commemorate every event the clubs organize to the extreme. But showing more support to their causes, communicates that we respect all the work that they do. 

        Sure, we could categorize New Trier as rich and snobby and succumb that negative limelight, but it’s only awkward stereotypes. Groups like Triship attempt to make their environment chill and make everyone feel comfortable. And that to me encompasses the same brotherhood that fraternities strive to replicate. 

        Whether it’s raising money for scholarships or setting up the Spooky Scrounge to help encourage spirit, Triship shows the positive influence they uphold throughout the school.