Stop being obnoxious during passing periods


NT News File

Students congregate in the hallways during passing periods

I didn’t want to write this. But I, and others I know have gotten
so irritated with the situation in the hallways that I feel that I must.

A few years ago, the Winnetka campus underwent a $104.9 million construction project and as a result, we students have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, airy new building. The windows allow streams of sunlight to pour in and the whole wing has a modern, apple-store- esque vibe to it.

But with great privilege comes great responsibility.

Prominent in this new building are two large, glass staircases with exponential width, marking each end of the new wing. Due to its size, hundreds of individuals – faculty and students alike – stream down each of the staircases each passing period. They are, without question, the most utilized staircases in the school.

But some of y’all do not know how to act on these staircases– or even in the hallways for that matter.

Let’s review basic hallway and staircase etiquette. If you have been in a car before, you will know that there is one side of the street, called the right side, that the individuals traveling forward in agree is their side.

The individuals traveling in the other direction stick to the other side of the street, also known as the left side, since there is only so much room for the thousands of cars which are trying to pass.

Do not walk onto the other side if that is not the side you are traveling on. Would you slyly swerve onto the other side of the road if you were driving a car? No? Then don’t do that in the hallways or staircases.

And please do not fecklessly zig-zag across the staircase or hallway like you’re in a pinball machine. I don’t know if you’re just bored or what, but there are people trying to move around you. Zig-zag to your pleasure in an empty hallway or staircase.

Now, most individuals are okay at hallway and staircase etiquette when they are walking alone.

The true terrors of the hallways and staircases are caused by congregating with peers, the inclination to stop and say “hi”
to a friend when you see them,
the passion with which you cling together as you walk.

If you are talking to a friend, do not slow down to a crawl to chat in the staircase or hallway. There are people trying to get somewhere all around you, and you are probably disrupting every single person in your vicinity.

If you are a slow walker naturally, that’s okay. You can’t help that your legs are short, or you’re tired, or the boundless other reasons why you may walk slowly. You’re trying your best and that’s okay.
If you’re just being slow because you’re distracted, speed up.

And for God’s sake, do not stop all movement in the middle of traffic if you see your friend so you can chat with them. You are in a staircase, not an escalator. There are people around you who do not want to be late to their class or their meetings. Chat while matching everyone else’s pace; it’s easier than it sounds.

If you are walking with a group of friends, it is not acceptable to spread out in a line so you can all talk side-by-side.

If, by chance, anyone wants to get past y’all, they are unable to do so without knocking all of you out like bowling pins. While you merrily line-dance your way to class, everyone behind you is forced to match your pace.

Please stay on the right and be polite. Be aware of your surroundings. We only have five minutes in a passing period; make it as stress-free as possible.