The difference between rumors and gossip

We’ve all gossiped at one point or another. Most of us do it daily without even considering it to be gossiping. It’s a form of mass communication that we use to connect with one another. I don’t believe gossiping to be inherently bad. However, sometimes it’s more toxic than beneficial.

But that could be said about a lot of things too, including social media. Honestly though, I stopped paying attention to cyber bullying because it’s so common. Whether it’s on our phones or at our lunch tables, the same issues of gossiping and rumors are clearly prevalent.

Still, there are ways to make gossiping less toxic. I think clarifying the difference between rumors and gossip, is a good start.

Rumors are unverified pieces of information that the person telling the story doesn’t necessarily know whether it’s true or not. The details of the story often change as it’s being retold. While gossip is typically a ‘juicy’ story or secret that’s really personal and most times, surprising.

I get it, we live in the suburbs and there’s really not much to do around here, except to go out and eat. And what do we do when we go out with our friends? Obviously talk. In those conversations people often swap the latest gossip. The majority of the time, it’s rumors.

I think it’s safe to assume everyone at one point has been the center of unwanted attention or rumors in general. It sucks to be in a position where you can’t control what’s being said about you. It only stops when it becomes irrelevant.

Aside from me encouraging others to stop spreading lies in the first place, I just find it weird to talk about other people’s business. A lot of the girls in my friend group, even the guys, would constantly invest in the rumors they heard.

It got to the point where I was questioning whether they were talking behind my back. So I don’t mean to sound condescending when I say it just seems like you have nothing else better to do.

I know in most cases gossip starts as innocent and harmless where people are just curious. But it’s important to acknowledge that
it quickly turns into a thread of people commenting and giving harsh opinions on personal information.

It makes sense why it’s an endless cycle. People are genuinely interested in who’s doing what, dating who, and things that happened in the past. So I’m not saying to stop gossiping but be more mindful of what you’re saying and to whom.