What COVID-19 means for the New Trier News

Hello to the New Trier community! We hope everyone is in good health and making the best out of this #coronacation. 

For the New Trier News, COVID-19 means big changes–at least for a while. Because of the switch to online learning, we are no longer able to print a hard copy paper. We are disappointed with this development, because printing a physical newspaper is a tradition that the New Trier News has been able to uphold since 1919.

But even in these uncertain times, we remain committed to our role in keeping the community connected by providing our readers with accurate information and timely updates. 

The celebration of our 100th anniversary has also reminded us that part of our job as the school newspaper is to record events for future generations, and we believe that the COVID-19 developments are no exception.

So as a staff, we have decided to shift our focus to our online presence for the time being. We will continue to post articles on our website, and we will also be posting more regularly on our Twitter (@newtriernews) and Instagram (@newtrier_news) feeds.

The online presence of the New Trier News has not necessarily been a priority in the past, so we view this as a positive opportunity to experiment and grow. This virus is pushing everyone to adapt, including the New Trier News. And if our newspaper ever goes fully virtual, this is the perfect time to lay the foundation for what our school paper may look like in the future.

We want to encourage the New Trier community to step up and help to share any stories you feel are important. Even in a time when social distancing is a priority, it is vital that everyone remains connected. Reach out to any one of the New Trier News staff members, write a letter to the editor, DM our instagram, send an email to [email protected], or fill out the form on the “contact us” tab on our website. We want to hear your questions, comments, suggestions, and article topics.

We hope that one day soon we will all be back in school and the newspaper will once again be available in advisery on Friday mornings. But in the meantime, please keep reading the New Trier News!