After four years, seniors share their NT confessions

“I ate toast in the library and it was delicious. My friends and I also cut each other’s hair on the lunch table….”

“Never read The Odyssey.”

“Dear Ms. Fisher, I’m sorry, but even after learning about the functions of all the cell’s organelles, the difference between nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, and the detailed process of cellular respiration, I still, and always will, remember the mitochondria as the powerhouse of the cell.”

“Señora Willer, I just wish we could have done a little more salsa. Maybe start a salsa club?“

“I don’t think I ever actually checked in or out at the attendance office, at least after sophomore year. Just had my advisor or teacher clear me, then walked in, walked out, no problems.”

“Mr. Bollweg, I lied about having a colon problem when I was late to class.”

“I still don’t know how to use Noodle Tools.”

“I never once used an excursion card. If I just didn’t show up to class, that was usually why.”

“I hooked up with my girlfriend in school between our ninth period class and our 3:45 practices daily sophomore year (sophomores, right).”

“All 4 years I never knew where my locker was.”

“When I was a freshman, I ran out of time on my English essay for first semester final exams. Out of spite, I wrote at the top of the page in bold ‘This is all I have with the time that was given to me….’ It was very passive aggressive and sarcastic, but kind of funny when looked back upon. The teacher and I, who shall not be named, are on great terms now!”

“I didn’t study for any of my finals besides first semester freshman year.”

“Dear Ms. Chao (my Chinese teacher), Everyday since freshman year I have chewed gum in your class. You never caught me.”

“I parked in the staff parking lot all year and only got one ticket that I still have to pay off.”

“I NEVER read any of the books assigned in any English classes. I just sort of guessed and somehow got good grades.“

“I hated the coffee at the coffee bar so much but I still went everyday because I loved Vicky so much.”

“Sorry I stood on top of my desk and scared your next class or when I sat underneath it every day for three weeks because I was fed up with someone that sat at my table.”

“I would tell Mr. Trovato that the main interviewee in my mammoth bone article didn’t get back to me until 9:30 on the night before my article was due.”

“The day before our last day of high school (3/11/20), I walked out of school without signing out to go get a haircut and an Insomnia cookie in Evanston. I had two free periods in a row, so I came back without anyone noticing. Although I wasn’t supposed to do that, I am so thankful now that I got a haircut right before quarantine, so I didn’t have to resort to Hair Salon ‘Home.’”

“I wish I could thank Ms. Vaughn in person telling her that her class was such a positive influence on my life, not only did I make life long friends in her choir, but she made me realize that most beautiful music isn’t made from those who fight to get into the spotlight, it’s made by those who work together to create art.”

“I haven’t attended a pep rally since freshman year.”

“I almost got someone fired….”

“Ms. Lynn, I snuck into the theatre after hours so many times.”

“I would fake my parents signature to sign out of school because I was bored and wanted to go home.”

“I didn’t really study for anything until my senior year.”

“Mr. Licata…one time I said I was going to the restroom, but really I was going to buy the book that was due in class that day. Please forgive me for my fiendish crime.“

“Ms Birazian—I did not study my notes for 5 minutes every night even though you told me to every single day without fail.”

“To Leif and Colegrove, I’m sorry for stealing a pair of climbing shoes from the wall. They went to good use, and they will be coming to college with me. Don’t worry Leif, they weren’t your new ones.”

“I exited an unauthorized door during the school day multiple times and no ‘silent alarm’ went anywhere so I know that whole thing is completely fake.”