Being Bipolar doesn’t excuse the greatest rapper of all time

Given Kanye West’s recent controversy he lacks understanding of when it becomes enough

It’s no secret that fan favorite rapper Kanye West is always in the headlines, whether for his ongoing relationship with Taylor Swift or ex-wife’s ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson hate remarks.

And last month at Paris Fashion Week, Ye was seen wearing a “White Lives Matter ” t-shirt which caused much controversy both in the fashion and political worlds. Kanye followed the debut of this t-shirt with anti-semeitc tweets online.

It’s clear that Kanye West does NOT care. He is a selfish individual who deserves to face consequences. 

Many celebrities including Jamie Lee Curtis and Sarah Silverman have spoken against his insensitive act. 

Kanye is sick, really sick. 

Kanye West has been public about his Bipolar disorder with no shame, so why isn’t he getting help? In a 2019 interview with David Letterman, Kanye opened up me. 

“I ramp up, and I go high,” West said. “If you don’t take medication eerily to keep you at a certain state, you have the potential to ramp up…and you start acting erratic, as TMZ would put it,” he said in the Washington Post. 

Experts say that when you are Bipolar you essentially lose your filter but to a drastic extent to where you say and do socially inappropriate things. Many say that having this disorder is like having never ending energy, and it seems that Kanye West’s mood swings and depression are varying widely, but not appropriately. 

Clinical psychologist Isha Metzer spoke on this when saying, “Racism itself is not a mental health disorder.” Metzer’s point goes on to say that being anti-semetic and racist is not a symptom of Bipolar disorder. 

While Kanye understands that medication can help him, he has to seek it out for it to actually take effect. So if there is nothing stopping him from using this medication and getting the treatment he needs, why doesn’t he get it? 

It’s ridiculous that his team members have not forced him to get help. After episodes like his t-shirt and his tweets, everyone should be pushing him to get help. It shouldn’t take the platforms themselves to suspend him. 

It’s also hard to believe that Kanye with a team of probably a bajillion people doesn’t have even one person who is controlling what he is posting. This shows how weak, unreliable and irresponsible his team is. 


Being Bipolar does not give Kanye West a right to say these things online– discrimination towards anyone is wrong.

It’s clear that Kanye West does NOT care. He is a selfish individual who deserves to face consequences. 

After a couple weeks following this twitter blast, not only has JP Morgan cut ties with 140 million dollars of Kanye’s money, but Adidas and Kanye’s 7-year contract is finally terminated under review by the company, according to Womens Wear Daily. After saying in an interview that “Adidas won’t drop me” look who dropped him. This time he is NOT getting away with it.

Enough is enough.