It’s prom, boys you need to hear this

Boys’ of excitement frustrates prom experience for dates


Mr. Trovato poses with his advisory during the 2019 prom at the Hyatt Regency. This prom will also be at the Hyatt Regency 6-10, and you have to get there before 7 and cannot leave until after 9.

During prom season, many students rush to find a date, or try their best not to cringe at different “promposals.” 

Movies, TV shows, and books have portrayed prom as a picturesque night that ends up defining whether a student got the full high school experience or not. Because of this, girls might start looking forward to prom during sophomore year, and glorify it as more than just a dance. It’s the peak of high school tradition.

To any high school boy, however, all the drama about the perfect dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, and plans sounds stupid. So they tend to care less. 

Their excuses tend to be the tools of the incompetent, and strategic incompetence tends to be the creative art of avoiding responsibility by pretending they don’t know how to do their responsibilities. It’s a recipe for disaster.

This lack of excitement easily translates into a lack of sensitivity and empathy towards the very girls they try to romance. This could range from the “who cares”to the ridiculous questions they can’t help but toss around in the classroom.

Their excuses tend to be the tools of the incompetent, and strategic incompetence tends to be the creative art of avoiding responsibility

A guy in my class blurted out across the room if guys have to wear suits. What do you mean do guys HAVE to wear suits? It’s a formal event, not a pajama party.

Now, I can’t forget to mention the excessive number of guys who forgot to buy their ticket, and now have to pay an extra $30 to total off their ticket to $135. If you’re extra unlucky, you’ll end up with a date who doesn’t even, at the bare minimum, offer to pay for your ticket. 

These simple acts make me wonder if girls like me who are also struggling under the worry of whether their date might forget to buy a corsage, or  if he will show up on time for pictures? 

It’s simply frustrating. Girls should be allowed to just live out and enjoy their prom experience without the annoyance of pure strategic incompetence and inconvenience. Boys, prom is tomorrow. Get it together, and please show some excitement because this is a once, maybe twice in a lifetime experience that you’re never going to get again. Smile during your pictures,make sure that your date has the food that she wants, and compliment your date constantly throughout the night. Dance with her, include her, and make her feel good about herself.