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Green team brings energy to athletics

New Trier Football’s 36-7 homecoming victory over Niles West wasn’t the only source of entertainment for a capacity crowd Oct. 18, as the Green Team, New Trier’s unofficial student section, put on a spirited display of support as well.

Standard Trevian chants such as “We Don’t Mess Around” echoed throughout the student section. However, one noticeable tradition was missing: the Canadian Flag that has flown over the section in years past.

Senior Matt Gutman, one of four captains of the Green Team, was told that the waving flag “took away from the game.”

New Trier Athletic Director Randy Oberembt said that the school banned the flag as a sign of respect for the United States, and because of the potential distraction it becomes.

“Out of respect to our national flag, and in recognition of the men and women who have given service to our country, the school will ask patrons to refrain from bringing other national flags into New Trier Stadium for display at sporting events,” said Oberempt. “New Trier fans are welcome to bring appropriate New Trier flags into the stadium provided they do not create a safety hazard or disrupt the opportunity of others to watch and enjoy interscholastic events at New Trier.”

Regardless, the atmosphere at this past week’s game was exciting nonetheless, according to senior and fellow captain Adam King.

“Homecoming was the biggest student section we’ve had so far, and probably the loudest, too,” King said.

According to Gutman, the group is traditionally led by four main captains, three of which represent their own varsity teams of baseball, basketball and hockey, along with a fourth “miscellaneous” member. The student-led group primarily goes to varsity football and basketball games, with a contingent of fans that go to hockey and soccer games as well.

While there isn’t a clear-cut way to join, most seniors follow the same unwritten rules before associating themselves with the Green Team.

“We made an open group on Facebook, and pretty much anybody who joined the group and bought a sweatshirt became a part of it,” said Gutman.

Identified by their trademark “NT Green Team” sweatshirts, a portion of the group traveled to football games at Niles North and Warren, as well as a trip to Evanston for the 10/25 game.

Despite all of this, the Green Team may have some work to do. According to the captains, the overall enthusiasm isn’t yet at a satisfactory level.

“The crowd isn’t as into it as we’d like them to be,” said King. “A lot of the kids just stand there and are pretty silent.”

Thanks to various upcoming athletic events, the Green Team will have more chances to prove their true fandom. According to Gutman, the Quad Header, which takes place on December 14 and pits New Trier’s hockey programs against Loyola’s, will be one of the premier events for the student section, as well the annual basketball showdown against Evanston on Dec. 7 and Jan. 24.

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