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Girls basketball outplays Conant

Jessa Snower

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The Girls Basketball varsity team beat Conant with a 54-34 victory on Saturday Jan. 28.

The team has had a successful season so far and has continued working on their game.

Before the game Senior Katy Symanietz said, “In order to succeed I think we will need to stay focused and keep trying really hard to play to the best of our abilities for all 4 quarters and give 110% throughout the game.”

The team was able to accomplish that against Conant. Assistant Coach Eric Duffett said “We talked at half time about not letting their defensive pressure put us back on our heels. I think our change in mindset and willingness to attack the basket was huge for us. Once we started playing with aggressiveness and confidence we were able to get great shots on offense. We attacked the basket, got to the free throw line and got wide open 3 pointers for our best players. It was really fun to watch.”

Junior Nicole Kaspi explained why she thought the team played so well, “We were able to execute our plays, make our shots, move the ball well, and defend. Thanks to the coaches, we knew who the other team’s best players were and how to shut them down. We were able to stop these players and turn good defense into great offense. We played with energy and focus–executing our game plan to the best of our abilities.”

Conant is an out of conference team with a record of 8-15 this season. The girls had not played them before this season. The girls varsity basketball team has had a successful season so far with a record of 15-9 overall.

“Our strengths are our ability to shoot from the outside, our depth and our unselfishness.  The players all play really well together and they share the ball extremely well,” said Head Coach Teri Rodgers

Symanietz also explained why the team has been able to grow this season and be successful. “We are more of a team than some of the other teams I’ve been apart of in the past and we are all really close and understand each other in that we all have the same goal in the end.”

The team spends six days a week either practicing or in games. Usually, they will have two to three games a week and the rest will be practice.

The Trevians have been able to improve as the season progresses.  Freshmen Ava Zavslasky said “We started off the season losing more games than we had hoped, which caused our whole team to become dedicated to getting better. Almost everyone stays after practice to put in extra work and during practice we are always giving 100%. Along with that, we all try to maintain the right attitude and mentality.  The whole team is determined to win every game and everyone’s constantly encouraging one another.”

Junior Cate Murdock also believes they have made great improvements to their game. She said, “We have definitely gotten better at playing as a group at the beginning of the season it was harder because some of us haven’t played together before. Also we’ve been working on communicating better in recently started doing really good job of that.”

The team has two weeks left until playoffs. In that time, they will play one more away game against Evanston and then two more home games versus Hinsdale Central and Maine South.

After those games the playoffs begin around Feb.13.

Murdock said, “I hope we can win all the games in those two weeks.  A big one will be Evanston because we lost last time.  I think we can beat them now and I’m really hoping we go far in the playoffs.”

“My hope for the rest of the season is that we get as much time together as a group as we possibly can. This team has been an absolute joy to coach and I think all of us will be sad when the season comes to a close. My only hope is that when this season is over we can be proud of how hard we worked in our practices and that we left it all out there during our last game,” Duffett said.

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Girls basketball outplays Conant