Cheer squad improves at Rolling Meadows

Lexi Shoup

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The New Trier Varsity Cheerleading Team finished 22nd out of 29 teams at Rolling Meadows on Sat Dec. 16.

“The competition at Rolling Meadows went well. Our score wasn’t the best but we know what to improve on,” said freshman base Dai-lin Hummel.

Going into the meet the team wanted to beat Loyola, their biggest competitors during the football season, and they also wanted to improve as a team.

The cheerleaders succeeded in recovering from their mistakes. “We did well with staying calm when mistakes happened in the routine. When we get on that floor we just play it off like it was nothing,” said Hummel.

The team did well with their two elite stunts, on their pyramid and hitting all of their jumps.

“Our weakest category is tumbling. We have about four or five girls close to their back handspring, but compared to when we started, our tumbling looks much better,” said freshman frontspot Suzie Shaker.

A lack of confidence was holding the team back at the competition.

“I feel like most of our mistakes happen because we think about the ‘what ifs’. What if I fall? what if I drop my flyer? Those thoughts hold us back,” said Hummel.

The team is focused on improving for the season to come, instead of focusing on wins or losses.

“Our main goals are to build up our endurance and stamina and to show NT what we cheerleaders can really do,” said Hummel.

New Trier will be hosting the cheer conference competition later this year.

“It will be cool to have other teams come to our school instead of us going to theirs. It will also be a new experience for NT.”

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