Athlete of the Week: Cate Murdock, senior guard

Murdock reflects on last season of NTGBB after team wins regionals

Q: Were you guys expecting to win regionals?

A: We were expecting to make it to the regional game, but we were playing a really good team. I knew we could win and I was hoping we would but it wasn’t a definite win, especially because we played that team earlier in the year and we lost to them, and they were ranked a little higher than us.

Q: How long have you been playing basketball?

A: I’ve been playing since second grade, so ten years.

Q: How long have you been on the New Trier basketball team?

A: I started playing for New Trier my freshman year and I was on Varsity sophomore year through senior year.

Q: Why do you like basketball, why do you play? 

A: I always have so much fun when I’m playing and being with the team. It’s such a good group and it’s not stressful. When I’m stressed about school I can just go and play basketball and have fun. I just really love it.

Q: What’s it like having your twin sister on the team with you?

A: It makes it easier, there’s always someone that I know how she plays, I’ve been playing with her for ten years. We just have that connection.

Q: Have most of the girls on the team been playing basketball together for a long time?

A: Yeah, a lot of us have. And a lot of the team this year is the same as last year so it’s a lot of the same girls.

Q: Are you planning on playing in college?

A: It depends where I decide to go. At one of the D3 schools I would be on the team but if I go to a D1 school then I would probably play club.

Q: What sports other than basketball have you played?

A: I used to play a lot of other sports. I played volleyball, gymnastics, tennis in the summers, I was on the pre-team for swimming. I was one of those kids that was in every single sport when I was little, even though some of them dropped off quickly.