Boys soccer shuts out long time rival ETHS

Three goals and a dominant defense led team to victory



Sophmore Jeffery Urban goes up against ETHS opponent for a high ball in NT’s 3-0 victory on Sept. 20

Boys varsity soccer took on ETHS on Sept. 20, coming out with a win to continue their successful season.
Going in to the big game, each player knew how engaged they had to be to win. Captain Daniel Gunther explained, “The game has definitely been circled on our calendar all season.”

Last year the varsity team lost to Evanston, so the urge to win was at its peak. With this being a conference game, “our victory means that we can clinch the conference trophy if we beat or tie GBS in our home game this Tuesday,” said Gunther.

Both players and coaches agreed that the team is very connected, an important component to quality playing.
“We talk a lot about being like a family, and it really feels that way on and off the fields,” Senior Jack McGranahan explained.

The team does yoga together, footy golf, and has BBQs. Head Coach, Matt Ravenscraft, explained, “It’s a blast to spend time with this group of guys as well as my assistant coaches, Mr. Van Den Berg and Mr. Loris. “

The rivalry is clearly known to both the team and the fans. The crowd was filled with Green Team members, parents, relatives, and boys soccer alumni, showing that the rivalry is both old and new.

Ravenscraft explained, “The day before the game, we met as an entire program to talk about the history of the rivalry and the pride we take at beating them at every level.”

As a competitor, ETHS is hard-working and technically gifted. Despite this, within the span of two minutes, NT scored two goals. “Nothing beats the feeling of going up on your rivals early in the game and rushing to celebrate with the team and the fans,” Gunther said,

The team used the forever rivalry with ETHS to come out strong and prove to them what kind of competitor they are. Although the boys shut out ETHS, Gunther said, “We could have done a better job making sure that we played our brand of soccer: playing out of the back and working up the field.”

“The pressure and the 2-0 lead for the majority of the game led us to playing more direct than we have been practicing,” said Gunther.

Ravenscraft mentioned Seniors Charlie Hoholik, Jack McrGranahan, Sean Gooze, and Dom de Boer as players who played particularly well. The team saw the opportunities and took them. The team scored three goals, and the defense held their ground leading the shutout.With 12 minutes left in the game, Dom de Boer’s direct kick goal “put the game to bed,” said Ravenscraft.

Getting into the season, the boys started with their summer soccer program. Ravenscraft explained, “Over the course of our summer, we lay the foundation for our program culture as well as our technical, tactical, and physical expectations for each individual player.” Such a strong start to the soccer season allows for the team to perform its best and come into the season as prepared as they can be. “I don’t think we would have achieved what we have the last few years without a collective commitment,” said Ravenscraft.

At the end of the game, the team celebrated by carrying on a tradition against ETHS: painting the once orange fire hydrant green.
“The best moment was after the game, walking over and taking back the hydrant, and then painting over it in green,” McGranahan explained.
Although both teams are strong, NT came out to prove where they stand against their rival. The team will likely face ETHS again in the playoffs this the fall.