NTFH brings state title home for the Trevs

Girls field hockey shuts out Lake Forest for 2018 state championship



Senior Lucy Murray and Junior Amy Griffin kiss the state trophy

On Oct. 27, NT Girls Field Hockey snatched the state championship from Lake Forest with three goals and strong goal keeping, winning 3-0.

Although the girls shut out Lake Forest, it didn’t mean that the Scouts had fewer scoring chances.

“In the first couple minutes of the game, the opponents had a flurry off shots on goal, including a corner,” said head coach Stephanie Nykaza.

Lake Forest is a very strong team, as one would expect in the state championship. After the initial onslaught of chances, this was where the girls really had to bear down.

Nykaza said, “We had the capability to win the game, but the switch had to be on. Sometimes the switch isn’t on, or they turn it on too late, but the girls turned it on at the perfect time.”

And turn it on they did. Their focus came from a lot of practice and a focused mindset, but they followed through.

Senior Lucy Murray stated, “We were always focused and working hard because we had our eyes set on our end goal and that was state. We knew the only way we would get there is by putting the work into practice.”

While the idea of playing in a state game brings along a considerable amount of pressure, the girls knew how to contain it and add the right amount of energy.

Junior Amy Griffin said, “As a team we always get pumped on the bus beforehand and blast music on the way there. The morning of the state game we also had a team breakfast, so we were together pretty much all day.”

“For a lot of players, the music and dancing helps them shake their nerves and get loose before a stressful game,” added Murray.

The sectional game the team played on Thursday ended in a win, but Nykaza said it was not one of their best games. The girls came in not as prepared and too tense in this game. So, Nykaza knew the best way to prepare the girls mentally for state.

“I was not tense towards the players because I knew they had to relax. It was clear that when game time rolled around, they were much less tense then the start of their previous game,” said Nykaza.

Lake Forest has been a recurring nemesis for the Field Hockey team.

“When I was a freshman, the team lost the game in the last four minutes to Lake Forest and it was super devastating, so it is great for the program to be back on top,” Griffin explained.

Before state, the girls were ranked 20th in the nation, and 3rd in their region. After claiming the state title, their ranking should ascend even more.

Goalie Emma Lauber, made some intense saves that kept the Trevs in the game. Then the offense turned it around.

“I think that the highlight of the game was the first goal. It really set the tone of the rest of the game and gave us a sense that we could really win this,” explained Griffin.

Nykaza added that “the scoring output” was by far the highlight of the game.

When the clock ran out, all of the players were ecstatic.

“I have now played in five state championships and before this past weekend had lost every one of them. When the final buzzer sounded I was honestly shocked and so incredibly happy to finally be on the other side,” explained Murray.

“It was very exciting and it was a great feeling. It was rewarding to know that we did what we needed to do all season,” concluded Nykaza.

The players have been with each other through the ups and downs this year.

“We were really connected as a group,” said Griffin, “and we created bonds that will last far beyond the season.”