Boys Water Polo takes sectional championship

Ghiselli’s scoring, stout defense vault Trevs past Wildkits


On Sat., May 11, NT Boys Water Polo took on their sectional meet. Playing three separate games, the boys won them all, including the final game against Evanston by a score of 7-3, collecting the sectional title.
The boys faced three different teams at sectionals: Glenbrook South, Glenbrook North, and Evanston. None of which were easy wins, and GBS proved to be the toughest task. “GBS was one of our biggest and most worrisome competition because we had lost to them already 3 times before in this current season,” explained senior Eli Cohen.
Although the Titans posed a big threat for the boys throughout the entire season, they found a way to turn it around.
“We beat them when it mattered,” said senior Matt Ghiselli.
After taking down both schools from Glenview and Northbrook, the team went into the championship game against one of the Trevians’ most notorious rivals: ETHS.
“During the championship game I felt a little frazzled playing in front of a crowd and not playing so great, so I just put my head down and swam to move past my mistakes,” explained senior Bo Barrett.
Evanston took the lead in the beginning. Although the offense was on its game, as Barrett himself charged the net with three strong shots, they could not get any to go in the first half.
In the second half, Ghiselli started “lighting up the goalie to put us ahead, and then it opened up for everyone to start scoring,” said Barrett.
“We just listened to our coaches and pressed hard. In the first half, shots were not going in, but in the second we grew the lead by taking better shots and executing,” continued Ghiselli.
Playing in sectionals came with a lot of pressure, because if they didn’t emerge victorious from two or more of their three contests, it would spell the end of their admittedly rocky season.
“The season has had its ups and downs for sure. We had a bit of a slow start, lots of close games we ended up losing,” explained Barrett. “We definitely struggled on offense, and our defense was usually what kept us in those close games.”
“The season started off a bit slow and took some time to find out what our true potential is and what can be,” continued Cohen.
Without a dominant season under their belts, the team had to turn up their energy for sectionals if they wanted their season to continue further and make it to state.
It took a great deal of the right mindset and effort into their practices as sectionals drew closer.
“When I’m at the pool I just like to warm up a lot so I stop thinking about how nervous I actually am and instead just think about stuff that’s actually productive, like making sure my legs are warm,” said Barrett. “The weeks leading up to sectionals we had spent all of our practices preparing to beat those teams.”
It was also important for the team to maintain their athletic focus, even outside of the pool environment.
“Before all 3 of our sectional games, I played basketball in my backyard, which took my mind off the game and calmed me down,” said Ghiselli.
Overall though, “it’s just continuing to refine our team chemistry and trying to enjoy the end of season and my high school athletics,” said Barrett.
After defeating the Wildkits, the team reached their goal of reaching state. That, however, will provide another set of pressure and challenges.
On Friday, May 17, the boys played their quarter final game against Lincoln-Way East.
“We watched film on Lincoln-Way East and practice to beat their style of play,” said Ghiselli.
State also provides a more energized and hectic environment.
“We are going to play loud music while practicing to mimic how loud the state game will be,” detailed Cohen.
Although the boys lost in overtime 7-8, they still look at it as a closing moment for the season as a whole.
“Eli, Matt, and I were lucky enough to be a part of the state team that lost last year in triple overtime,” concluded Barrett. “It was one of the fondest memories in my athletic career. I’d just like to be able to offer that to the underclassmen.”