NT wins 101st annual ETHS meet to end their season

Trevians win 113 to 73 at senior night meet


Julia Nagel

Members of the team during a practice after the Evanston meet, they will soon begin preparing for state

On Jan. 31 New Trier took down Evanston, 113 to 73, in a high intensity meet. This was the 101st annual meet against the well known rival, and is one of the longest running meets in Illinois.

Head coach Joshua Runkle is proud of the work his team has put in. This meet was the last dual meet before the championship season, and the varsity team finished this season with only one loss.

“It was the last CSL dual and we finished with only 1 loss. So now we head into championship season,” said Runkle.

Senior Evan Rittner has noticed that over the years the Trevians have typically won the dual meet. But compared to when the teams were neck and neck, the energy and intensity has yet to change.

“It’s been a good rivalry for a long time. The past few years, though, it’s gotten a bit one-sided, but it’s still a point in the season a lot of us look forward to,” said Rittner.

This win is still a big success for the team. As the championship season approaches, the team is hoping to avoid all obstacles. This meet, the team was forced to overcome some of these obstacles.page1image229308464

“We’ve been recovering from a tough week of practices, and some sickness going around, but despite that there were some good performances,” said Rittner.

Fellow senior Pearce Bailey saw some great swims as well. He noted two sophomores in particular.

“Joe Dienstag has a great 100 backstroke and Edward O’Bara had a fast split on the 400 freestyle relay,” said Bailey.

The meet tends to draw more people than usual because alumni come to visit. This year it was also senior night so many families and friends came to cheer on the Trevs.

“It was still an important meet though because it was Senior Night for us, and because of that there was a bigger crowd than usual,” said Bailey.

Runkle said the crowds help bring up the excitement of the meet. It’s hard to tell if it hurts or helps the boys swim, but it seems to pump them up.

“It definitely makes it more exciting,” said Runkle.

The team is looking forward to the championship season and state at the end of February. They are hoping to rebound after finishing in a three way tie for 18th last year. Rittner thinks this year will be more triumphant due to a new found focus.

“Individually, we each have our things to work on, but I think a goal of ours as a team this season has been focus and discipline, especially since we, as a whole, are relatively young,” said Rittner.

Bailey has seen the team grow under this new mindset. They have improved physically but also come together to work as one team despite the age range.

“Our team is still fairly young compared to two years ago, but we’ve definitely grown both physically and mentally since last year and even just since the beginning of this season,” said Bailey

To prepare for state, the team focuses on the mental aspect of the sport. They refine their focus by lessening the intensity of practices and shaving their heads to get all the advantage they can.

“We’re really buckling down and focusing on the small details for the rest of the season. Of course at the very end of the season right before our big meet we’ll be shaving our heads for that extra little bit of speed and the mental edge,” said Bailey.

No matter how the season ends, the team looks for areas to grow. “Every team is different, and every year is different, but as always, we’re each trying to do the best for the team at the end of the season,” said Rittner.