Being NT’s equipment manager: Beth Lopiccolo

Lopiccolo describes her diverse set of responsabilities as equipment manager

Beth Lopiccolo has been working as Athletic Equipment Manager for nine years.

Most students see her when they pick up or return uniforms for sports, but her job extends beyond just handling jerseys. From managing out uniforms to supervising at games, a typical day for Lopiccolo comes with a lot of responsibility.

She is in charge of every aspect of uniforms, including cleaning, collecting, and handing them out. Lopiccolo is also in charge of handling all sports equipment, taking care of trophies and even getting towels to the aquatic department.

“There is no typical day, they’re all different. It’s always getting towels to the pool, it could be collecting or handing out uniforms. Always washing uniforms and inspecting them, receiving boxes and getting them to the coaches,” said Lopiccolo.

Lopiccolo’s workload also depends on which sports are in season. For Lopiccolo, the fall is always busy as she distributes uniforms to around 1000 athletes.

“My biggest season will always be the fall, when we come back to school, [because] it’s the start of everything,” said Lopiccolo. “[In the spring] I usually end up having 200 girls and boys for cross country and then track and field ends up having a lot of kids as well because its a no-cut sport.”

Unlike most staff, Lopiccolo’s workload is never set as it is dictated by how many students play sports each year.

Lopiccolo said that, “It just depends on the season and year by year. Things are different all the time.”

Lopiccolo also has to commute between Northfield and Winnetka to make sure everything is running smoothly at both campuses.

“For fall season I tend to [commute between the two campuses], but [not as much during the] winter, and spring there will be a lot of traveling back and forth,” said Lopiccolo. “It depends on the sports that are happening and it depends on the season.”

Along with her duties as Equipment Manager, Lopiccolo also helps out at games by supervising, helping out at concessions, or working in the clock room.

While Lopiccolo claims she lovessupervisingallsports,shestill has some that she favors over others.

“Football will always have my heart, [because] my son played football, and water polo is [also] an amazing sport,” she said.

Even though Lopiccolo enjoys watching games and competitions at New Trier, her favorite part is watching the athletes grow and develop into better players as the season progresses.

“If you go to any football game and watch cheerleading and how they progress from when the first start in the first game to the last game, it’s just amazing to see how these kids grow into their position. [This is true] on any team and [seeing them] become comfortable at the midway part and that’s the best about doing my job,” said Lopiccolo.