Girls gymnastics nail the landing against Evanston

Trevians demolish Wildkits during a January dual meet despite previous setbacks



Maria Morabito earns a 9.5 on the beam during the Evanston meet

On Jan. 20, the New Trier girls gymnastics program went face-to- face with Evanston. New Trier took the win on all three levels: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and the freshmen- sophomore level.

The total accumulation of points from all three levels was 296.7, beating Evanston by 54.4 points.

“I think that overall, our team did super well. We had a few faults here and there, but other than that, everyone did whatever they could do to help the team, which is awesome,” said junior Ryann Segall.

Segall performed on bars, earning 9.45 points for her team.

“I’ve been working on keeping my feet up on my [bar release move], and I think that improved my score.”

Varsity coach, Jen Pistorius, agreed that Segall had her best performance of the season.

“Her performance was really clean and she did a great job.”

While the competition ended in a win for New Trier, there were still setbacks during the meet. One of which was a malfunction that took place earlier in the season.

“We went to Evanston for an invitational in the beginning of January, and during the warm ups, their bars pulled out of the floor, so the girls saw that and were a little unnerved,” said Pistorius.

For senior Maria Morabito, witnessing the bar collapse was concerning.

“All of a sudden, their bars just came out of the ground and we weren’t able to use it at one of the big invites. Someone could have gotten hurt, and luckily no one didn’t, but it was still a scary thing to see,” said Morabito.

Since then, the bars have been repaired, and Evanston hosted the Jan. 20 meet.

“We all got to warm up before we competed, so we all got to get a feel of the bars and realize they were safe and stable. So I think we were all able to feel confident,” said Segall.

After the dual meet, a conference between six teams was scheduled for the following weekend which was also hosted by Evanston. Many objections were raised due to the location.

“Evanston was not allowing spectators, nor were they livestreaming the meet,” said Pistorius. “For the majority of the girls, especially on JV, this is their last meet ever as seniors. So that was just disheartening that they were not allowing senior parents to come watch their girls.”

After the initial outrage from multiple teams, the conference was moved to GBS. Members of the team are feeling positive about their progress.

“Everyone’s performance was great on Thursday, and I think that all of the hard work we put into practice is really starting to show,” said Morabito.