In a time of change, the New Trier News is here for you

For the first time in a long time, students won’t find our paper in advisery, the cafeteria, or their doorstep. Earlier this summer, the administration cut student publications’ funding. But – and we can’t emphasize this enough – the New Trier News is still in business. 

While we are sad not to be publishing the newspaper, this setback will not stop us from doing our job. We are adapting to pandemic reality, just as all students are adapting to all sorts of changes because of COVID 19. 

Our goal is to provide the same award-winning coverage of New Trier on our website. We have created an app, which we will be continuously improving. And readers will also find us via Instagram and Twitter.

Our staff knows the importance of local journalism and of providing our readers with the best information about their school and communities. Student journalism has always been a staple here; our staff plans to keep it that way.

But we need your help.  Despite being home, this is still your school. So this year, we call on students to take a new, even more active role in the NT News.

As reporters, we can no longer roam the halls and hear your complaints — or ask for interviews. 

To produce the articles you want and focus on issues important to you, we need you to reach out to us with what you would like to see. Please, send us your thoughts and ideas and be receptive to reporters’ texts or calls. 

Lastly, we need artists and photographers to keep our website robust and colorful. 

We thank you for your support as we adjust to this new normal. And we look forward to coming together to rebuild a stronger, safer school. 

Thank you for 100 years of reading and prompting us to write about issues that students care about. We hope to bring you 100 years more, whether online or on print.